Dienhart: Penn State should add ribbon sticker to helmet

I like Penn State’s decision to wear a blue ribbon to support all victims of child abuse, all as a result of the heinous Jerry Sandusky scandal that has brought the football program to its knees with crippling NCAA sanctions.

But instead of wearing the ribbon on jerseys, I would affix a ribbon sticker on each side of the iconic Penn State helmet. That would have been a much more prominent area to display the ribbon, giving it more exposure and thus more of an impact.

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Penn State Helmet

It’s important not to forget who the victims are in what’s the worst scandal in college sports history. The football team, school, fans and alums aren’t victims. The children abused by Sandusky are. Helmet stickers would be an even greater vehicle to show the school’s and team’s awareness and support.

The school also will put the last names of players on the back of jerseys in recognition of the players’ resolve and dedication to the team and university. No doubt, the players who have opted to remain through these tough times deserve this small, symbolic token of unity. They all could have left. But most have chosen to stay. That is impressive and speaks volumes about the players’ love, spirit and dedication to the school in a rebuilding process that will be long and arduous.

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David H. on 8/7/2012 @ 6:42pm EDT Said:

your comments are beyond response they show such a terrible lack of intelligence. You and the others who have not let justice prevail with several trials yet to occur, have judged Penn State instead of the criminal-Sandusky. Freeh recently had another major case overturned because of bad evidence and conclusions.FIFA-heard of it? Freeh also revised his report for mistakes in the past 3 weeks, and likely will make further adjustments. His conclusions are those of someone out to prove himself. The NCAA has shown its rush to judgement fails to provide “innocent until proven guilty” .Where do they have any right to impose sanctions in a civil case ? The criminal was a former employee. The victims are footbal fans, all NCAA governed schools-what will happen for all of the rapes by athletes, where were they with the murders of athetes at U of VA or Baylor? Just Penn State? Before you continue to feed the media frenzy of get Penn State, do some research. If you believe the Penn State coach or the administrators all knew Sandusky’s tendencies, why did the Second Mile ,State and local adoption agencies, the police, DA and others NOT see this, nor the hundreds of players over 30 years when he was an employee of the school?

Stater on 8/7/2012 @ 7:13pm EDT Said:

Oh, and I’ll be sure to get a nice, big scarlet letter tattooed squarely on my forehead to appease you.

Stater on 8/7/2012 @ 7:16pm EDT Said:

“The football team, school, fans and alums aren’t victims.”

Obviously, these groups are not primary victims such as the children who were so unjustly and horrifically sodomized by Jerry Sandusky – but they are secondary victims nonetheless.

Call me when you are verbally abused (e.g. being called “pedo” or “rapist” among other things) simply while walking down the street or driving just because you are wearing Penn State clothing or have a Penn State decal/license plate.

aroznowski on 8/7/2012 @ 11:10pm EDT Said:

“It’s important not to forget who the victims are in what’s the worst scandal in college sports history. The football team, school, fans and alums aren’t victims. The children abused by Sandusky are.” Actually, all of those people and groups have been harmed in some way by Jerry Sandusky and thus are among Sandusky’s victims. Obviously the children were victimized to a far, far greater extent than everyone else. There is no disputing that. However, the entire Penn State community has been hurt by the actions of one man, Jerry Sandusky, who will soon be sentenced to hundreds of years in prison. Tom Dienhart’s suggestion, however, is just simply way too extreme and unnecessary. The Penn State Nittany Lions should not have any logos or decals on the sides of their helmet.

Corine Marshall on 8/8/2012 @ 9:47am EDT Said:

It does seem as though nothing is good enough for some people. “The ribbon is a great idea, just not where you want to put it.” It should be “here” where it is an even “greater vehicle”. This is exactly the kind of crap that takes the focus off the victims, and pisses off the Penn State fans. Why can’t you just say, “Hey, great idea”. You start out sounding civil and then wait, wait, there it is, the “knife”, now twist. You know, you mention that the “football team, fans and alums” aren’t the victims. Well, it didn’t start out that way, but you and the rest of the media have, in deed made victims out of the rest. With the “kool-aid” and “cult” remarks, attacking the state of Pennsylvania as if “we” made Jerry Sandusky a pedofile. I am a huge Penn State fan (not just football, but volleyball, wrestling, baseball, etc.). Never met Jerry Sandusky. But reading article after article, not just here, I feel the need to defend myself. I’m sure other Penn Staters feel the same. Let’s keep the focus where it belongs . . . on healing, and supporting ALL who were hurt by this situation.

Feit Can Write on 8/16/2012 @ 11:24am EDT Said:

Mr. Deinhart and I apparently think a lot alike, as I proposed putting the ribbon sticker on the PSU helmet too.

Here is a sample of what it would look like: http://feitcanwrite.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/penn-state-punishment/