Suggestion Box: Nominate Your Big Ten Greatest Game

“The Big Ten’s Greatest Games” for football and basketball is a popular program for our TV viewers and online readers. Each year we dig through the archives and roll out new episodes featuring games from the past. For example, that classic 1989 Big Ten basketball finish between Illinois and Indiana featured in our ongoing series “I Hit It To Win It” (watch the video in this post).

We also like to hear suggestions from our Big Ten fans. Is there a game you’d like to see make it into the rotation? Let us know via the box in this post.

But before you make a suggestion, scroll down and see what games have already aired on BTN. Also, watch some video clips of previous games over here, too.

ILLINOIS 1989 Indiana vs. Illinois
1990 Colorado vs. Illinois
1991 Illinois vs. East Carolina
1999 Illinois vs. Michigan
2007 Illinois vs. Ohio State
1989 Illinois vs. USC
2001 Penn State vs. Illinois
2001 Wisconsin vs. Illinois
1987 Indiana vs. Illinois
1980 Georgia Tech vs. Illinois
1989 Illinois vs. Indiana
1989 Elite 8: Illinois vs. Syracuse
1990 LSU vs. Illinois
2000 Illinois vs. Ohio State
2004 Illinois vs. Wake Forest
2005 NCAA Elite Eight – #1 Illinois vs. #8 Arizona
2005 Illinois vs Iowa
2009 Illinois vs. Northwestern
INDIANA 1988 Iowa vs. Indiana
1999 Illinois vs. Indiana
2002 #23 Wisconsin vs. Indiana
2006 Iowa vs. Indiana
2007 Purdue vs. Indiana
1991 Kentucky vs. Indiana
1976 NCAA Championship: Indiana vs. Michigan
1981 NCAA Championship: #14 Indiana vs. #12 N. Carolina
1984 Sweet Sixteen: Indiana vs. North Carolina
1987 NCAA Championship Game: #4 Indiana vs. #10 Syracuse
1990 Kentucky vs. Indiana
2003 Iowa vs. Indiana
2008 Indiana vs. Illinois
2002 Indiana vs Duke
1987 Indiana vs. Wisconsin
IOWA 1986 Holiday Bowl: #19 Iowa vs. San Diego State
1990 Iowa vs. Michigan
2002 Purdue vs. Iowa
2002 Iowa vs. Penn State
2005 Iowa vs. LSU (Capital One Bowl)
2007 Michigan State vs. Iowa
2003 Michigan vs. Iowa
2008 Penn State vs. Iowa
1983 Iowa vs. Indiana
1987 NCAA Sweet 16: #6 Iowa 9 vs. #17 Oklahoma
1993 Iowa vs. Michigan State
1995 Connecticut vs. Iowa (Great Alaskan Shootout)
2004 Iowa vs. Indiana
2005 Iowa vs Michigan State
MICHIGAN 1969 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1983 #10 Michigan vs. #12 Iowa
1986 #3 Michigan vs. Notre Dame
1988 #12 Michigan vs. Ohio State
1993 Rose Bowl: Michigan vs. Washington
1997 Ohio State vs. Michigan
1997 Notre Dame vs. #8 Michigan
1998 Rose Bowl: #1 Michigan vs. #8 Washington State
1999 Michigan vs. Wisconsin
2000 Michigan vs. Alabama (Orange Bowl)
2003 Michigan vs. Minnesota
2004 Michigan State vs. Michigan
2007 Michigan vs. Michigan State
2008 Capital One Bowl: Michigan vs. Florida
2002 Penn State vs. Michigan
2001 Michigan vs. Auburn
2008 Wisconsin vs. Michigan
2010 Illinois vs. Michigan
1999 Notre Dame vs. Michigan
2009 Notre Dame vs. Michigan
1985: Iowa vs. Michigan
1989: NCAA Championship Game: #8 Michigan vs. #11 Seton Hall
1989: Duke vs. Michigan
2004: Michigan vs. Purdue
2003: Michigan vs Wisconsin
2008: Duke vs. Michigan
MICHIGAN STATE 1990 Michigan State vs. Michigan
1998 Michigan St vs. Ohio State
1999 Michigan vs. Michigan State
2000 Notre Dame vs. Michigan State
2000 Citrus Bowl: #9 Michigan State vs. #10 Florida
2001 #6 Michigan vs. Michigan State
2006 Michigan State vs. Northwestern
1995 Michigan vs. Michigan State
2010 Notre Dame vs. Michigan State
1979 NCAA Championship Game – #4 Michigan State vs. #1 Indiana State
1991 Ohio State vs. Michigan State
1997 Michigan State vs. Iowa
1999 Michigan State vs. Minnesota
2000 NCAA Championship Game – #5 Michigan State vs. #11 Florida
2005 NCAA Eight Elite – #5 Michigan State vs. #2 Kentucky
2007 Texas vs. Michigan State
2009 Final Four – Michigan State vs. UConn
2010 MSU vs Maryland
2010 Michigan State vs. Michigan
MINNESOTA 1981 Ohio State vs. Minnesota
1995 Purdue vs. Minnesota
1996 Illinois vs. Minnesota
1999 Minnesota vs. Penn State
2003 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
2005 Purdue vs. Minnesota
2005 Minnesota vs. Michigan
1983 Minnesota vs. Ohio State
1993 Minnesota vs. Georgetown (NIT)
1996 Minnesota vs. Illinois
2000 Indiana vs. Minnesota
2001 Minnesota vs. Indiana
2002 Minnesota vs. Georgia
2008 Minnesota vs. Indiana
2009 Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
2005 Minnesota vs Purdue
NEBRASKA 1995 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. Miami
1998 Orange Bowl: Nebraska vs. Tennessee
2010 Missouri vs. Nebraska
NORTHWESTERN 1995 Penn State vs. Northwestern
1995 #25 Northwestern vs. #7 Michigan
2000 Northwestern vs. Minnesota
2000 Michigan vs. Northwestern
2000 Northwestern vs. Wisconsin
2001 #23 Michigan State vs. #16 Northwestern
2004 #7 Ohio State vs. Northwestern
2007 Northwestern vs. Michigan State
2005 Wisconsin vs. Northwestern
2008 Northwestern vs. Minnesota
2007 Minnesota vs. Northwestern
1987 Northwestern vs. Michigan State
1988 Indiana vs. Northwestern
2005 Northwestern vs. #23 Iowa
2006 Iowa vs. Northwestern
2009 Northwestern vs. Michigan State
2004 Northwestern vs Illinois
2004 Illinois vs. Northwestern
2009 Ohio State vs. Northwestern
OHIO STATE 1974 Michigan vs. Ohio State
1979 #2 Ohio State vs. #13 Michigan
1981 Ohio State vs. Stanford
1989 Ohio State vs. Minnesota
1990 Ohio State vs. Iowa
1997 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Arizona State
2002 Ohio State vs. Illinois
2002 Ohio State vs. Purdue
2003 NC State vs. Ohio State
2003 Fiesta Bowl: Ohio State vs. Miami
2006 Michigan vs. Ohio State
2005 Ohio State vs. Michigan
2010 Rose Bowl: Ohio State vs. Oregon
2009 Iowa vs. Ohio State
2008 Ohio State vs. Wisconsin
2010 B1G Tournament: Ohio State vs. Illinois
1991 Indiana vs. Ohio State
1993 Ohio State vs. #1 Indiana
1999 NCAA Elite Eight – #11 Ohio State vs. #10 St. John’s
2003 Ohio State vs. Iowa
2005 LSU vs. Ohio State
2007 Wisconsin vs. Ohio State
2007 NCAA Tourney 3nd Round- OSU vs. Xavier
2007 OSU vs Tennesee
1988 Michigan vs. Ohio State
2010 Ohio State vs. Michigan
2010 Ohio State vs. Purdue
PENN STATE 1983 Penn State vs. Georgia (Sugar Bowl)
1984 Boston College vs. Penn State
1985 #8 Penn State vs. #10 Alabama
1989 Holiday Bowl: #18 Penn State vs. #19 BYU
1993 #14 Penn State vs. #25 Michigan State
1994 Penn State vs. Illinois
1995 Rose Bowl: Penn State vs. Oregon
2001 Ohio State vs. Penn State
2002 Penn State vs. Wisconsin
2006 Orange Bowl: #3 Penn State vs. #22 Florida State
2007 Alamo Bowl: Penn State vs. Texas A&M
2005 Ohio State vs. Penn State
2008 Penn State vs. Ohio State
2001 Michigan State vs. Penn State
2001 NCAA Tournament Second Round: Penn State vs. North Carolina
2008 Michigan State vs. Penn State
2008 Indiana vs. Penn State
2006 Penn State vs. Illinois
2001 Illinois vs. Penn State
2000 Kentucky vs. Penn State
2009 Illinois vs. Penn State
PURDUE 1997 Michigan State vs. Purdue
1998 Purdue vs. Kansas State (Alamo Bowl)
1999 Notre Dame vs. Purdue
2000 #6 Michigan vs. Purdue
2000 #12 Ohio State vs. #16 Purdue
2007 Motor City Bowl: Purdue vs. Central Michigan
2003 Purdue vs. Wisconsin
2008 Michigan vs. Purdue
2009 Ohio State vs. Purdue
1985 Purdue vs. Indiana
1991 Purdue vs. Michigan
1994 Indiana vs. Purdue
1994 NCAA Sweet 16: #6 Purdue vs. #11 Kansas
2003 Purdue vs. Duke (Great Alaska Shootout)
2008 Purdue vs. Wisconsin
2009 Purdue vs. Wisconsin
2009 NCAA Tournament 2nd Round: Purdue vs. Washington
1987 Purdue vs Illinois
WISCONSIN 1981 #18 Ohio State vs. Wisconsin
1999 Rose Bowl: Wisconsin vs. UCLA
2000 Oregon vs. Wisconsin
2003 Ohio St vs. Wisconsin
2004 Wisconsin vs. Purdue
2005 Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
2005 Michigan vs. Wisconsin
1998 Purdue vs. Wisconsin
2009 Champs Sports Bowl: Wisconsin vs. Miami
2007 Michigan State vs. Wisconsin
1990 Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
1997 Minnesota vs. Wisconsin
2000 #23 Wisconsin vs. #13 Maryland
2003 Wisconsin vs. Illinois
2008 Wisconsin vs. Indiana
2008 Duke vs. Wisconsin
2006 Pittsburgh vs. Wisconsin
2009 Duke vs. Wisconsin


Your Opinion?
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randy bills on 6/21/2012 @ 6:24pm EDT Said:

That last message was for big ten best suggestion. I like to see Ohio state vs. LSU in the shoe or Ohio state vs. Iowa 2010

aroznowski on 6/21/2012 @ 7:18pm EDT Said:

I swear that “Big Ten’s Greatest Games” has aired a few men’s hockey games as well.

aroznowski on 6/21/2012 @ 7:35pm EDT Said:

Here are two suggestions.
Appalachian State over Michigan (9-1-2007): This game was the first live football game that BTN ever televised. That makes it worthy of consideration. It also just so happened to be one of the greatest upsets in the history of college football. That makes it a no-brainer. Michigan State and Ohio State fans would probably love to watch that game again.
Michigan State over WIsconsin (10-22-2011): This game was the best Big Ten football game of the past season. Its finish was even better than the finish of the 2010 Notre Dame-Michigan State game. This game too is a no-brainer.
By the way, I suggest adding the useful table above to the “Big Ten’s Greatest Games” page and updating it as more games are added to the series.

Steven Pierce (@stp147) on 6/21/2012 @ 10:34pm EDT Said:

September 25, 1982 – Penn State 27, Nebraska 24
I’m sure that’ll get the blood boiling in Nebraska.

Also, we can get some good historic Penn State – Pitt games up there too.
November 22, 1986 – Penn State 34, Pitt 14
November 28, 1981 – Penn State 48, Pitt 14

Toren on 6/22/2012 @ 1:56pm EDT Said:

I nominated but don’t see here Michigan State at Iowa 1985. Iowa’s Homecoming, they were #1 with Chuck Long as senior QB, and the rising Spartans nearly knocked them off behind sophomore Lorenzo White (Long and White finished #2 and #4 in the Heisman voting that year). The final was 35-31, and even though my Spartans lost, I remember it as absolutely one of the best games ever – back and forth, with both teams playing their hearts out. Like to see it again.

Steven on 9/7/2012 @ 6:24pm EDT Said:

I would say the 1983 first round NIT basketball game with Northwestern and Notre Dame at the Rosemont Horizon. Northwestern won 71-57.

    Tom Oren on 9/7/2012 @ 8:21pm EDT Said:

    I nominated this one other time, but I would love to see Iowa – Michigan State 1985. Iowa’s Homecoming, they were #1 with Chuck Long as senior QB, and the rising Spartans nearly knocked them off behind sophomore Lorenzo White (Long and White finished #2 and #4 in the Heisman voting that year). Long scored on a naked bootleg on fourth down with less than a minute left after the teams traded touchdown after touchdown. The final was 35-31, and even though my Spartans lost, I remember it as absolutely one of the best games ever. Sure would like to see that one again.

Mark N. on 9/19/2012 @ 3:22pm EDT Said:

I’ve already suggested this before, but I beg BTN to try to find the 1974 Michigan State/Ohio State game, in which Denny Stolz’s Spartans upset the #1 ranked Buckeyes. The game ended in controversy when it appeared OSU had scored the winning TD on the final play of the game, but officials determined that time had run out. Levi Jackson’s 88-yard TD run was, as it turned out, the winning score. MSU 16, OSU 13. Archie Griffin also had a huge game for OSU, gaining 140 yards on only 13 carries.

I agree with Toren that the 1985 MSU/Iowa game was great. Iowa won it late on a Chuck Long bootleg. The teams went back and forth, with Bobby McAllister and Lorenzo White having great games for MSU in a losing effort.

    TOren on 9/19/2012 @ 6:59pm EDT Said:

    Thanks, Mark N. I don’t think BTN pays much attention to these requests. 1974 with Levi running it in late is a terrific suggestion; there was much controversy, as Woody claimed OSU scored with no time left and should have won. It went on for a while, and Woody was not happy. I remember, I was in school there then watching the game with the guys. Sure would like to see BTN actually acknowledge these responses. staff on 9/20/2012 @ 10:22am EDT Said:

      TOren (and Mark N.), actually, that’s not quite accurate. If you use the email box on his page, your notes go directly to our production team. They’re the ones that asked for this feature so they do want to hear suggestions and they do pay plenty of attention. The issue is a little more complex as there isn’t a complete library of every game every played available right now. We’re working on that but that doesn’t stop us from taking suggestions from fans like yourself. Hope that clears things up. staff on 9/20/2012 @ 10:25am EDT Said:

      Also, we can’t respond to every email we get. It’s just not possible. I know you want to hear back and our customer service team does a great job of that over here on all sorts of other issues. But this small feature on this page was meant to be a simple suggestions box. “Drop us a note and we’ll add it to the bunch.” You can also find us on Twitter, Facebook, and other places. Full list here.

Mark N. on 9/20/2012 @ 10:57am EDT Said:

No problem, BTN. I certainly don’t want to come off as being difficult–just a passionate football and MSU fan.

I have no doubt that finding complete games (particularly older ones) is probably quite difficult. Thanks for your response to our (Toren and myself) queries. staff on 9/20/2012 @ 10:59am EDT Said:

    No sweat to everyone here. Seriously. Just trying to be open and responsive. And no one thinks anyone here is being difficult. We want feedback – happy and otherwise – and trust me when I say we get it both ways and plenty of it via all sorts of avenues. As an editor on the website here, I’m just doing my part to communicate. Enjoy the upcoming weekend of football.

Thomas on 10/8/2012 @ 8:42pm EDT Said:

Suggest a game:: Michigan 38 vs Ohio State 26 2000 The reason I like this game was because even though the score was 12 points, it was a close game going down to the end. Michigan was the better team, but OSU played very well for the whole game until Drew Henson put it away with a couple minutes left on a fake HB dive and a QB run bootleg, I thought it was a very good and well fought game, even though UM won by 12. Michigan vs Illinois 2000 With Illinois building a double digit lead in the 4th quarter, the injured Drew Henson lead UM on a furious comeback. John Navarre started the game, but with UI cruising in the 1st half, Henson was put in to win for the big blue. UM had a great comeback and a couple of controversial calls favored UM in a close one. I think these were two great, classic, hard played B1G football . I would love to see these games on the B1G’s greatest games.

chris on 1/7/2013 @ 3:55pm EDT Said:

I would like to see the Michigan at Indiana basketball game from Febuary 14th 1993

Sean Scallon on 6/25/2013 @ 2:24pm EDT Said:

Please add to this list – 1981 Michigan vs. Wisconsin football and 1979 Michigan State vs. Wisconsin basketball.

Curt Foreman on 7/13/2013 @ 1:30pm EDT Said:

OSU @ UW 1992
OSU @ UW 1984

Steve Setzer on 8/15/2013 @ 4:23pm EDT Said:

How about Minnesota beating Alabama in a bowl game about 10 years ago. I don’t know if it was 2002 or 2003 but it was in that era. I’m tired of seeing Ohio State on the schedule all the time.

zn0rseman on 12/10/2013 @ 12:38pm EDT Said:

2005 Outback Bowl – #13 Iowa (30) vs #11 LSU (25).
Magic City Miracle – Tate to Holloway TD with 9 second left for the game winner.

Mark N. on 12/12/2013 @ 12:59pm EDT Said:

Anyway to obtain the 1988 Rose Bowl (MSU vs. USC). I know it was broadcast by NBC, so I suppose from a legal, contractual standpoint, it might be tricky. But this would be the perfect time to try and get your hands on it. staff on 12/20/2013 @ 10:53am EDT Said:

    You’re right. It would be a perfect time. If we have news on this, we’ll post it here for sure.

Jessica Roberts on 4/2/2014 @ 8:06am EDT Said:

There haven’t been any new football games added since 2011. How about a full 12 game season worth of new football games?

Slash on 7/18/2014 @ 1:18pm EDT Said:

Suggest a game:: Penn State vs Nebraska 1982 best game I ever saw. Todd Blackledge Kurt Warrner Irving Fryar Turner Gill Mike Rozier. Need I say more..