Your 2012 BTN Awards Show Winners

BTN aired its fifth annual BTN Awards Show on Monday night. The biggest winners: Michigan State’s Draymond Green and Ohio State’s Christina Manning, the winners of the Big Ten’s prestigious Jesse Owens and Suzy Favor Awards, respectively. Dave Revsine, Mike Hall and Rick Pizzo hosted the hour-long special, which also handed out awards for categories such as “Breakout Performer” and “Game of the Year,” to name a couple. See all the award winners and watch video from each category in this post.

Suzy Favor Award: Ohio State’s Christina Manning

Most Courageous Performance of the Year: Michigan State’s Arthur Ray

Best Finish of the Year: Wisconsin at Michigan State

Game of the Year: 2011 Big Ten Football Championship Game – Wisconsin vs. Michigan State

Breakout Performer: Illinois’ Whitney Mercilus

Most Dominating Performance of the Year: Illinois’ Brandon Paul vs. Ohio State

Women’s Team of the Year: Minnesota women’s ice hockey

Men’s Team of the Year: Penn State wrestling

Women’s Coach of the Year: llliniois’ Kevin Hambly

Men’s Coach of the Year: Penn State’s Cael Sanderson


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aroznowski on 6/18/2012 @ 8:01pm EDT Said:

The only award that BTN got wrong was “Game of the Year”. The regular season game between Michigan State and Wisconsin was better than the conference championship game between those two teams. Both games had the same amount of drama throughout the first three quarters and first twelve to thirteen minutes of the fourth quarter. However, the end of the regular season game makes that game the better one of the two without a doubt.

aroznowski on 6/18/2012 @ 8:06pm EDT Said:

By wrong, I mean totally wrong. There a few others that I disagree with. However, a legitimate case can be made for the actual winners in those instances. Just see my post in

Ted on 6/18/2012 @ 9:30pm EDT Said:

Must had killed the big ten to give penn state any air time or recognition.

gabe o on 6/18/2012 @ 10:48pm EDT Said:

breakout performer of the year should have been montee ball because people thought he wouldn’t even start and he lead the nation in rushing

T. E. Long on 6/19/2012 @ 12:03am EDT Said:

Montee Ball is NOT the male athlete of the year? Are you kidding? Look at his statistics.
Green was a very respectable player but Ball was superlative in every game (even in the Badger’s losses).

Greg Humphrey on 6/19/2012 @ 1:34am EDT Said:

Penn State is still a GREAT UNIVERSITY.. They desired to be Recognized… GO State!!

Dan on 6/19/2012 @ 10:32am EDT Said:

Based on this year, no wrestler will ever win male athlete award. None will ever have a better season than DavidTaylor had in ’11/12. Except maybe Ed Ruth in ’11/12. Ball is a stud, but his year pales in comparision to Taylor or Ruth.

Hail2theVictors on 6/19/2012 @ 12:10pm EDT Said:

How was Michigan vs. Notre Dame UTL not named game of the year? The game had all the drama of the MSU/Wisc games, if not more. Then you add the atmosphere and historical significance of it being UM’s first night game at The Big House. That game IS the game of the year.

Saranac Sparty on 6/19/2012 @ 1:55pm EDT Said:

How was Michigan vs. Notre Dame UTL not named game of the year?
Because it was a comedy of errors! Only close because neither team can play defense.

aroznowski on 6/21/2012 @ 1:35am EDT Said:

With the season now over, let me present the 2011-2012 B1Ggest Name of the Year Awards. These awards are awarded to one person from each Big Ten school that was a student-athlete or athletic department employee at some point during the past season that created plenty of buzz.

Iowa: Marcus Coker
Illinois: Mike Thomas
Indiana: Cody Zeller
Michigan: Denard Robinson
Michigan State: Draymond Green
Minnesota: Jerry Kill
Nebraska: Tom Osborne
Northwestern: John Shurna
Ohio State: Urban Meyer
Penn State: Joe Paterno
Purdue: Robbie Hummel
Wisconsin: John Chadima