Best of Gus: Minnesota at Michigan State

Just as we did during 2010-2011 hoops season, we’re archiving Gus Johnson’s greatest calls this season. Johnson is calling men’s basketball for BTN all winter long. We clip and post his best calls and archive them here during games, so bookmark the page and come back all season right up through the Big Ten tourney. Right now, watch Johnson’s call of Draymond Green hitting a jump shot and get all of the announcer’s best calls from Michigan State’s win over Minnesota on Wednesday (recap).

Johnson: “We’re calling that a 3!”

Johnson: “Blocked by Draymond Green!”

Johnson: “Palms it down!”


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Jim Wynne on 1/25/2012 @ 11:26pm EDT Said:

Gus Johnson is such a great college basketball announcer – the best I have ever heard. College basketball is such an exciting sport all by itself, but Gus adds so much more excitement it is almost crazy. I so appreciate his positive and exciting approach when calling the games and giving comments. He makes the telecasts so special with his attitude and approach. He’s very good at the technical play by play, but what I appreciate the best is his positive and electric excitement. You go, Gus! As a job, it can’t be as easy as he makes it seem, but he does it every time. Thanks so much, Gus! Love it!

Mike on 2/5/2012 @ 11:30pm EDT Said:

Who was his partner in this game? What was his great comment that Gus said he’d steal?

    Brent Yarina, on 2/5/2012 @ 11:36pm EDT Said:

    That would be Shon Morris. Something about the last time he saw something move like that he hit it and put tartar sauce on it.