Gophers to wear new uniforms, helmets in 2012

The Minnesota football team will have a different look for the 2012 season. The Gophers unveiled new helmets Monday and also will release new uniforms, designed by Nike, in mid-January, according to’s story. Minnesota will debut the new digs in its 2012 season opener, Sept. 1 at UNLV. See a picture of the front of the new helmet here, a picture of the back of the new helmet here and a picture of the side of the new helmet here. Or view the complete gallery, courtesy of

Minnesota's New Helmet


Looking good. The matted helmet is becoming more and more popular, and it’s a solid look here. My favorite part of the new lids is the addition of the players’ number. I’m always a fan of it, whether it’s on the back, a la Iowa, or on the sides, a la Alabama. Here, it’s on the back right of the helmet, and it’s pretty subtle. As for the addition of black facemasks and chinstraps, while it’s not a school color, it looks sharp.

Basically, Minnesota did a good job of modernizing its current look and style, and that’s important to retain tradition and build a brand. As director of equipment operations Kyle Gergely said in the release: “With the black accents and the textured finish, it’s a modern twist on an old-school look.”

Check out what the Gophers think about the new lids in this Gopher Sports YouTube video:

Here’s more detail about the helmets from

“Minnesota’s new helmets feature a textured maroon finish, the Gophers’ traditional Block M helmet decal, black facemasks, black chinstraps, a Block M above the facemask, each player’s uniform number on the back of the helmet and the traditional Minnesota cheer “Ski-U-Mah” on the back of the helmet.”

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aroznowski on 12/19/2011 @ 4:09pm EDT Said:

This just might be what we need to bring the Little Brown Jug, Paul Bunyan’s Axe, and the Governor’s Victory Bell back where they belong. Times are changing in Minneapolis and changing for the better!

kylemania on 12/19/2011 @ 9:44pm EDT Said:

Seriously??? Maybe they should worry about keeping in state talent from going to Wisconsin or Iowa rather than what uniforms will look good on them when they have a half crowd at TCF Bank Stadium. Minnesota is not relevant in the B1G nor are these new uniforms. Sometimes the truth hurts.

Kelly Rumpel on 12/20/2011 @ 2:02pm EDT Said:

Being a Michigan Wolverines fan, I’m unfamiliar and interested to know what “Ski-U-Mah” means? staff on 12/20/2011 @ 2:19pm EDT Said:

    Kelly, we found this. “Ski-U-Mah (pronounced SKY-YOU-MAH) is a cheer Gophers have been screaming since 1884 during a rugby game. Ski comes from a Dakota battle cry meaning “victory”, and U-Mah represents the U of M.”