BTN2Go App Now Available for iPad, iPhone & iPod touch

BTN2Go, the most widely distributed authenticated sports television product in the marketplace, is proud to announce the release of BTN2Go, a new app  for iPad, iPhone and iPod touch, now available on the App Store. The BTN2Go App is a live 24/7 multi-platform extension of the television network.

“Our fans have been asking for a mobile app for their iPad, iPhone and iPod touch,” said BTN President Mark Silverman. “BTN2Go gives authenticated subscribers the option to watch BTN while away from home at no additional cost.”

The online service is already available to subscribers of participating cable, satellite, and telco providers who receive BTN as part of their TV channel lineup. These providers include Bright House Networks, Charter, Cox, DIRECTV, Dish Network and Time Warner Cable.

“The BTN2Go App delivers an innovative new experience to passionate Big Ten fans, reinforcing the conference’s and network’s desire to improve access to and exposure for all Big Ten sports,” said Michael Calderon, vice president, digital and interactive media, BTN.

BTN2Go features a live feed of all BTN programming, including more than 40 football games, more than 100 men’s basketball games, hundreds of other live events, on-demand programming and archived content, including current season games from the Big Ten Conference’s television partners. In addition, original series such as The Journey, Big Ten Icons, Big Ten’s Best and The Big Ten’s Greatest Games, as well as game highlights and coaches’ shows are available.

To access BTN2Go, fans simply download and launch the BTN2Go on their iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, choose their provider, and enter their login information.

The BTN2Go App is available for free from the App Store on iPad, iPhone and iPod touch or at


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Frank Rountree on 11/25/2011 @ 6:55pm EDT Said:

I can get BTN2GO on my iphone 3GS, but when I try to display the video on a TV through the iphone-to-A/V adapter cord, it will not display on the TV, no matter which A/V input I use. I can stream youtube videos just fine, but not BTN2GO. Do you have a solution? staff on 11/25/2011 @ 7:04pm EDT Said:

    Interesting question. We’ve never had it come up. I don’t suppose you could just watch BTN TV on the TV you’re trying to plug into, right? That said, we’ll look into this and post back when we have an answer. staff on 11/29/2011 @ 1:50pm EDT Said:

    Frank, thanks for your patience. As it stands today, users cannot currently display BTN2Go video to a TV through an A/V cord. It’s not a bug. It’s just not an option we currently offer.

Karen Berry on 1/24/2012 @ 11:57am EDT Said:

Why just an iPhone? I have a droid. Can I get it on that too? staff on 1/24/2012 @ 12:23pm EDT Said:

    We’re working on that right now. We’re doing the best we can to get on as many platforms as possible, and we still expect something in early 2012. We’ll post the news on when we have something for sure.

charlie on 1/24/2012 @ 7:18pm EDT Said:

How come video does’t show up on my Iphone and I get the Big10 network on my TV from Comcast?

    Brent Yarina, on 1/25/2012 @ 2:43pm EDT Said:

    Comcast does not currently offer BTN2Go to its subscribers. However, we are continuing to discuss BTN2Go with Comcast.

PT Bobb on 3/6/2012 @ 5:25pm EDT Said:

I sure wish you would add Comcast to your list of cable vendors fo my home TV!
Also, Verizon for my iPhone!!
Please advise when we could expect that to happen down here in South G-E-O-R-G-I-A?
B1G Transplants from “up yonder” staff on 3/7/2012 @ 2:25pm EDT Said:

    PT Bobb, we cannot advise you on that beyond telling you that we continue to discuss BTN2Go with other television providers. More general FAQs here. Thanks for the note.

paul on 3/8/2012 @ 12:17pm EDT Said:

No sound on IPad app. staff on 3/8/2012 @ 12:28pm EDT Said:

    We’ll look into it pronto. Thanks. staff on 3/8/2012 @ 12:32pm EDT Said:

      We have it on the iPad here and it’s playing. We’ve seen this before immediately after the download, though. Can you make sure the mute isn’t on? Restart would be our followup device.

Robert on 5/18/2012 @ 7:35pm EDT Said:

Wouldn’t it be possible to stream content to smartphones, etc., directly on a (BTN) subscription basis instead of going through the cable/satellite providers? I would defintely support that. I am the owner of a new droid phone. Seems like a better money-making deal for BTN, although I don’t really know about all the technical problems associated with that concept. Even if the stream had to not be a “live” stream (a replay concept) due to network contracts, or whatever. I’d much rather watch a replay than not watch at all. CBS has a droid app for this for their shows. Just asking. staff on 5/22/2012 @ 10:38am EDT Said:

    Robert, we’ve passed your concerns along to our Customer Service team. best way to ask them directly is over here. Right now, we offer a live offering via BTN2GO, which is a pretty popular app. But you appear to know about that already.

Jim on 6/7/2012 @ 5:45pm EDT Said:

I have downloaded the BTN2go app for my Iphone 4s. I have logged in, logged out, hit the sound button (toggling it repeatedly), and have restarted my phone three times – yet still no sound with the live broadcast. I have sound on every other app, so the phone is not on mute itself. Any ideas?

Jim on 6/7/2012 @ 5:53pm EDT Said:

And on the fourth iphone restart it worked – such is the life of a computer program I guess . . . staff on 6/7/2012 @ 6:33pm EDT Said:

    Glad to hear. In the future, here’s what we recommend: For those users having issues with no sound on the iPad/iPhone, the BTN2Go video player does not have built-in audio controls. Instead, use the volume controls on the side of your iPad/iPhone and make sure that your device is not on mute.

Darrell Burge on 6/12/2012 @ 6:29pm EDT Said:

When are you going to come up with a package for those of us who do not use Dish or direct tv. I use the internet and Apple TV. We should be able to pay a fee to for this service and watch streaming video.

    Brent Yarina, on 6/13/2012 @ 1:43pm EDT Said:

    Thanks for your comment. As of now, BTN2Go remains our primary streaming service. BTN2Go is complimentary for BTN’s cable and satellite subscribers, but it cannot be purchased separately.

Bill on 6/12/2012 @ 10:54pm EDT Said:

When is Comcast going to come to the party?

Joan on 6/20/2012 @ 2:57pm EDT Said:

We cut the cable cord….like many. would be interested in a subscription for iPad only especially if we can AirPlay to our TV. we will never return to cable.

Andy on 6/26/2012 @ 5:02pm EDT Said:

Can I watch btn2go on a kindle fire? staff on 6/27/2012 @ 10:46am EDT Said:

    Andy, not at the this time although it’s on our list for future development. We don’t have a specific timeline available, but it’s part of our ongoing work. Sorry about that.

CheeseheadinOhio - Dave on 7/3/2012 @ 6:51pm EDT Said:

Still waiting for my Droid app…. Sent you and my cable company several emails. Truthfully, what is the hold up? Early 2012 is wayyyyy past…. I’d like it before football season. I want to be sitting in my tree while hunting this fall watching my Badgers. Thanks. staff on 7/4/2012 @ 4:27pm EDT Said:

    When we have an update, we’ll get you one here for sure.

Mike Martin on 7/27/2012 @ 9:51am EDT Said:

I have tried and tried the restart and everything else that I can think of nd still no sound! staff on 7/27/2012 @ 11:09am EDT Said:

    Mike, without knowing more than what you’ve said here, here’s what we recommend to those users having issues with no sound on the iPad/iPhone, the BTN2Go video player does not have built-in audio controls. Instead, use the volume controls on the side of your iPad/iPhone and make sure that your device is not on mute.

chad on 9/1/2012 @ 1:26pm EDT Said:

Still no sound. Restarted twice. One hard reboot. Music plays, but no sound.

chad on 9/1/2012 @ 1:31pm EDT Said:

Got it. Everyone check sound effects settings.

Kevin on 9/15/2012 @ 5:50pm EDT Said:

Sound not working for me on iPhone 4, restarted app and phone several times, checked sound settings, etc. staff on 9/15/2012 @ 5:53pm EDT Said:

    Kevin, again, without knowing more than what you’ve said here, here’s what we recommend to those users having issues with no sound on the iPad/iPhone, the BTN2Go video player does not have built-in audio controls. Instead, use the volume controls on the side of your iPhone and make sure that your device is not on mute.

Anton Kusy on 9/18/2012 @ 10:53pm EDT Said:

Installed your app on IPad 2. Have no sound just like others. Sound is on and other apps work fine. What gives? staff on 9/19/2012 @ 8:28am EDT Said:

    Anton, thanks for the note. Again, for those users having issues with no sound on the iPad/iPhone, the BTN2Go video player does not have built-in audio controls nor have we seen any issues where audio just doesn’t play on the iPad or iPhone. However, can you check the volume controls on the side of your iPad and make sure that your device is not on mute? If that doesn’t correct the problem, come back and tell us and we’ll figure this out together.

Drew Mullen on 10/8/2012 @ 6:10pm EDT Said:

What can we do to get Comcast to work with you guys on BTN2Go? They’re the largest provider in Chicago, which is home to by far the largest B1G alumni base in America! Other than pleading with their customer service reps (complete waste of time), what else can we do? About ready to drop ’em if I can’t watch my teams. staff on 10/9/2012 @ 10:29am EDT Said:

    Drew, thanks for the note. Your best bet is to ask our Customer Service team over at They handle these kinds of inquiries.

Nick on 10/8/2012 @ 6:45pm EDT Said:

I login in with my time Warner login and I get a user authentication error????

It was working fine last basketball season.

What is up? staff on 10/9/2012 @ 10:28am EDT Said:


    Can you clarify for us? Are you trying to log in to watch BTN2Go? If so, you can get help from

cubman67 on 11/9/2012 @ 7:29pm EDT Said:

I have Comcast. I live in the North burbs of Chicago. Where is my BTN to go Android access? staff on 11/9/2012 @ 7:40pm EDT Said:

    Cubman67, we don’t have an answer here. If you need more, we encourage you to ask our Customer Service team. Thanks.

Kevin on 11/30/2012 @ 8:22pm EDT Said:

No sound from internal speakers on iphone 4S. If I plug in some external speakers sound is present. What gives? I’ve spent a half hour rebooting 3 times all with the same results. I love the app when it works, but …..
Brighthouse connection. staff on 11/30/2012 @ 9:42pm EDT Said:

    Kevin, there is no sound control on this app. You control the sound on your phone. Check your phone volume settings. That should correct it. on 1/8/2013 @ 10:07pm EDT Said:

what is the future looking like for airplay support from within the bigten2go app? I’d really like to be able to watch it on my appletv. Thanks!

Roy Gordon on 2/14/2013 @ 7:54pm EDT Said:

BTN Staff, Why do you keep telling people to keep using the physical controls on the iPad to fix the no sound problem? This does not work on multiple iPad. What needs to be done to fix this problem? staff on 2/14/2013 @ 8:23pm EDT Said:

    Roy, there is no volume control on the BTN2Go app. So the volume issues tend to be on the actual tablet. Have you made sure the mute isn’t on, or the volume turned way down low?

Justin on 2/20/2013 @ 9:10pm EDT Said:

I have no volume on iPad and my volume is on. Have you figured this issue out yet?

Justin on 2/20/2013 @ 9:17pm EDT Said:

Figured it out.

Alex on 2/20/2013 @ 10:23pm EDT Said:

Any update on kindle access to btn2go yet? staff on 2/21/2013 @ 10:51am EDT Said:

    No update on this right now.

Ron Bruning on 2/22/2013 @ 5:35pm EDT Said:

How can I get btn2go to view on my Apple TV with AirPlay? Works fine on my IPad with Mediacom subscription. I don’t see the airplay icon.

Mike on 3/9/2013 @ 8:52pm EDT Said:

Would really love to see this app available for the Kindle Fire.

Jason on 3/14/2013 @ 4:07pm EDT Said:

Drives me crazy. . .pay Comcast premium to have BTN on cable, but can’t get BTN 2 Go on my 3G devices (phone and tablet)!!! When will you guys (BTN and Comcast) start offering the services that I pay for??? As usual, it’s the end consumer that gets the raw end of the deal. . .

Sue DeMiglio on 4/22/2013 @ 6:20am EDT Said:

Any update on using the btn2go app on Kindle Fire? I am sure Amazon has sold a few of these…. staff on 4/22/2013 @ 12:42pm EDT Said:

    Sue, no updates right now. We’re sorry. Reminder: You can still go directly to on any device that offers web browsing.

Brad Hamann on 5/4/2013 @ 12:54pm EDT Said:

If you have having problems with no sound on iPad/iPhone then you will need to go under general settings and make sure side switch is not on screen lock but on mute. Then you will have sound.

Roy Bishop on 9/5/2013 @ 10:51pm EDT Said:

We don’t have extra football channels for Cox in Oklahoma City so only one game is offered this week–Syracuse/NW. Is there any way to get it set up where I can watch the Nebraska by connecting apple tv. If this isn’t available will it be and how can we get the extra channels in Oklahoma City?

Jeff Heida on 9/7/2013 @ 4:45pm EDT Said:

Help…I have cox cable but can not get BTN2go to stream on my iPad….the select a provider window does not display any providers…when I select hte “Don’t see your provider?” button I verify that I qualify….but still no ability to select Cox and log in….

wife of a BIG10 fan on 1/8/2014 @ 1:15am EDT Said:

Is there a resolve at this point to watch live games on apple tv, airplay, roku, or chromecast? Like many, we would love to cancel our cable bill, however just to have the big 10 network leaves us out $200/mo. staff on 1/16/2014 @ 12:04pm EDT Said:

    Sorry, but we don’t have any updates on those services at this time.