Big Ten Blast: Penn State Update

Mike Hall reports an update on Penn State’s Board of Trustees asking interim head football coach Tom Bradley to keep assistant coach Mike McQueary off the field during Saturday’s game. Hall also has an update regarding Ohio State’s NCAA investigation. Watch it now in this post. Also, read  a statement posted today from Interim Penn State President Rodney Erickson.

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Diane Moreno on 11/10/2011 @ 8:53pm EDT Said:

McQuery saw this and did nothing to stop it??? Unimaginable! When he chose to walk away – he became an accomplice. If he had ANY backbone at all, he would resign. He should be held to the same standard that the University is holding Joe to. Why in the hell is he even allowed to be on campus? Also, the media is focusing so much on Joe’s legacy – what about the “legacy” that these innocent victims are living with and will continue to live with for the rest of their lives?