Get BTN's in-game football updates via Twitter

In 2011 social media has become an important part of a sports fan’s daily diet of information. And while BTN has been on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube for some time now, we want to mention something we’ve rolled out for followers of our 12 BTN school-specific Twitter accounts.  In addition to school-specific links and videos these school accounts offer up in-game football updates for your Big Ten football teams.

Working with our partners at Narrative Science we’re flowing fast updates on scoring plays, turnovers, quarterly scores and other significant plays directly into Twitter. They can come in handy if you can’t watch the game but want to stay up to speed via Twitter. Here’s an example of a scoring play:

Here’s an example of a play that went for a significant distance:

If you do love to tweet, go ahead and follow any of the accounts below. And if you’re not on Twitter, you can still check out their pages Saturday afternoon or any other time of the week.:

You can find all of the BTN Twitter accounts on our social media directory page, and if you go to you’ll find our 12 collections of official accounts from each Big Ten school.

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