Alex Roux, editor, June 2, 2017

Episode 3 of the BTN Podcast features our first athlete (no offense, Nicole Auerbach and Kevin Kugler), as NFL tight end George Kittle joined the show.

Kittle was a TE at Iowa from 2012-16, and is currently a member of the San Francisco 49ers after being selected in the fifth round of the 2017 NFL Draft. Hawkeye fans already know Kittle is always good for a quote, and his engaging personality was perfect for this type of platform. We definitely got into some fun topics throughout the 30-plus minute interview.


This episode is also noteworthy because you can now find all BTN Podcast episodes on the BTN Podcast channel on iTunes, on Google Play in the "Podcasts" section and on the Podbean online listening platform. Please subscribe, rate and leave reviews on those platforms, because that's what will help fuel the show and allow me to keep bringing entertaining guests into the fold.

Listen to the entire interview with Kittle in the SoundCloud player above, in the playlist player below, or on any of the online listening platforms linked above. I pulled some of Kittle's quotes on certain topics with timestamps below, so if you don't have 30 minutes to spend listening, skip around to the parts that interest you.

(Skip to 2:42) On what he?s been up to since playing his last game for the Hawkeyes and the process leading up to the NFL Draft.

(5:30) On putting on 72 pounds since high school and changing his diet over the years to bulk up to college and NFL tight end size: ?I was a twig when I got in there.?

(7:35) His participation in a small pro wrestling event in Iowa, his WWE fandom and his go-to move in the ring: ?I made sure I couldn?t get in trouble with the 49ers before I said yes to it.?

(10:45) On the impact his dad and former Hawkeye football captain Bruce Kittle had on him growing up and his decision to go to Iowa.

(18:50) On being the next in a long line of Iowa tight ends who played in the NFL, including guys like Tony Moeaki and Dallas Clark.

(19:55) On the possible emerging trend of college players sitting out bowl games to protect their draft stock, especially after fellow Big Ten tight end Jake Butt of Michigan tore his ACL in the Orange Bowl: ?I never heard about (anyone potentially sitting out) in our locker room. For me personally, I couldn?t imagine it?I would be in that game no matter what.?

(24:00) On how being drafted to the same team as his college QB, C.J. Beathard, has helped his adjustment at the next level.

(28:35) On if he?s afraid to mix it up with any teammates at training camp when things tend to get heated: *Laughs* ?I?m not going to start any fights, but if somebody wants to fight me, I guess I?ll give ?em all I got ? When the time comes, I?ll be looking forward to it.?