staff, April 27, 2017

The Michigan football team's trip to Rome continued Thursday and this time the activities looked a little more like home.

The squad held their first practice in Italy before heading off to a night at the opera.

Remember: Rome, Italy is six hours ahead of Ann Arbor, Michigan. We're recapping Thursday's activities in this post. Look back at our recaps for Sunday, Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday and find lots more videos from Michigan's trip in our video section.

As part of Thursday's session, two Gambian refugees joined the team for the morning. Kana Jallow and Saikou Sanneh escaped dangerous lives at home to make it to Italy, and the game of football has been a powerful tool of assimilation as well as a mechanism for them to explore themselves and grow as people.

Both men met the team Sunday night when the Wolverines watched a short documentary on the two men and made by their Italian football team, Legio XIII . At practice, both men got Wolverines football jerseys and gloves – see it all in the above video.

Football in the morning, opera at night.

In case you missed it, the team paintball outing was a big hit. Big. Hit.