LiveBIG Staff, December 14, 2016

With each passing year, smartphone apps provide more data on your personal health and fitness. Now, a Purdue-based startup wants to bring advanced medical testing to the device in your pocket.

Brightlamp LLC describes itself as ?a computational medicine company that produces consumer ready software for medical diagnostics.? Put more simply, its goal is to make apps that allow for advanced medical testing that would normally require a visit to the doctor?s office.

Its first app, Collide, addresses an issue of particular concern for college athletes: concussion diagnosis. Early diagnosis of concussions is key to proper care so scientists have been trying to innovate around this process, attempting to remove the need for office visits and make diagnosis more immediate or on-the-field.

Collide?s app will use the flash and camera on a phone to read the patient?s eyes for signs of concussion within five seconds, producing a diagnosis within 30 seconds.

Brightlamp?s Purdue connections are strong. The startup participated in the Purdue Foundry accelerator program and its leadership are all Purdue graduates or students. Brightlamp also worked with Purdue's award-winning mechanical engineering professor Eric Nauman on early testing and development.

The company expects its Collide app will be available next year with utility patent approval expected in May 2017.

For more on the vision of Brightlamp?s Collide app, watch the video below.