Sean Merriman, web editor, November 8, 2015

"What did you see on Nebraska's touchdown play?"

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"Did you get an explanation on the last play?"

"Did you see the replay?"

Mark Dantonio got plenty of questions about Nebraska's game-winning 30-yard touchdown with 17 seconds left, which led to a devastating 39-38 loss for the Spartans on Saturday night.

"Controversial play at the end," Dantonio said. "They should have never been down there in the first place."

Dantonio's entire opening statement and his answers to opening press questions can be seen in the video above.

Following Dantonio's postgame presser, Nebraska coach Mike Riley also took the podium.

"I'm really thrilled for these players and our coaching staff," Riley said. "I was really happy for them, real excited for them."

Watch Riley's postgame press conference in the video below.


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