Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, August 20, 2015

V'Angelo Bentley is one of the biggest stars on the Illinois football team.

He also has a pretty cool No. 1 fan and friend in Colby Crowley, a young Illinois fan who has x-linked juvenile retinoschisis, a condition that leads to legal blindness.

Crowley met Bentley one day after Illinois practice, and he asked the only player in Illini history to score on a kick, punt, interception and fumble return to attend his birthday party. Bentley attended, and the two have developed a special friendship since.

"What Colby has, you can't see it," said Jennifer Crowley, Colby's mother. "He just doesn't have good eye sight, and it's going away. So for someone to really stop and take interest in that and realize what a life changing thing it is for Colby, it makes your heart feel good."

Yes, it does. As did this interaction between the two while passing the football at the end of the feature:

Crowley: "I want to be a good corner."

Bentley: "Yeah, I'm going to teach you everything you need to know."