Brent Yarina, Senior Editor, February 22, 2015

Nebraska has lost five in a row and seven of its last eight, so it's only normal for Tim Miles and the Huskers to be disappointed and frustrated.

Miles showed his disgust in his team's play and lack of effort following Sunday afternoon's 74-46 home loss to Iowa.

For starters, he attended his postgame press conference without players, saying, "They don't deserve to talk for us," plus he announced that he has barred the team from its state-of-the-art facility, which includes iPads in every locker, a kitchen and a pool table, among several other perks.

Here's a snippet from his press conference:

Reporter: "Was that acceptable effort today?"

Tim Miles: "No. You never want to throw your players under the bus, but that was just beyond disappointing. That's not what we represent. Like I told our guys, when I was at Southwest Minnesota State, I was the basketball coach there, and to pay for shoes, we used to have to go to the Renaissance Festival in Shakopee, Minnesota, for a weekend and pick up trash. We were the trash guys. And if I had the option, I would do that tonight, tomorrow and the next day and pay back the fans their cost of attendance for their ticket. Our fans have been so supportive and so great, and you get 15,000 people out there and you just go non-compete mode. I thought we showed a softness, a lack of leadership and a lack of willingness to listen to leadership. It's unacceptable. You have to have a great amount of pride to compete when things aren't going well, and we just didn't show any pride."

Strong stuff.

The Huskers are off until Thursday, when they travel to Ohio State, which has lost two in a row.