Sean Merriman, web editor, January 3, 2015

It was just last week when college football fans were introduced to a new Disney commercial, which showed Brutus Buckeye, Big Al, the Oregon Duck and the Florida State Glitter Guys waiting at the airport to see who would be going to Disney World.

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Following Thursday's two national semifinal games, only Brutus Buckeye and the Oregon Duck remain.

The new commercial shows the two mascots waiting in the airport terminal. Brutus is reading Shakespeare's Julius Caesar, while the Oregon Duck appears to be watching something humorous on his laptop.

The two mascots are still waiting to find out who is going to Disney World, but according to the gate agent, ?we still don't know who's going to Walt Disney World."

Will it be Oregon or Ohio State? We fill find out when the two teams meet on Jan. 12 in the first-ever College Football National Championship.