staff, March 14, 2013 offers something new for the 2013 Big Ten Men's Basketball Tournament – deeper live box scores provided by Stats LLC. How are they different? The Stats' SportVU Tracking System captures X/Y positioning coordinates of the players and the ball to deliver unique performance data by merging the in-depth tracking data with traditional play-by-play information. What do the new stats include? Read about it below in this post.

The new stats include:

  • Speed & Distance: Distance Run (Dist.) is the total miles a player has run in the game. Average Speed (Avg Spd) is the average speed (mph) of a player during live ball action.
  • Rebounding: Rebound Chances (Reb Chances) is the number of times a player is within 3.5 feet of the ball at the time of a rebound. Rebounding % (Reb%) is the percentage of rebounds a player secures divided by his chances.
  • Assists: Secondary Assists (SA) is similar to a hockey assist, the secondary assist tracks which players help set up an assist. Adjusted Assists (AA) is the sum of assists, secondary assists and free throw assists.

Se these box scores live and in action throughout the tournament for all games. Use the links below or on the side of this page as we'll be adding the new games each day:

Our full Big Ten scoreboard still lives here and includes our usual box scores and play by play. Learn more about SportVU here.