staff, July 30, 2012

We're excited to announce a new way to reserve a ticket for the 2012 Big Ten Football Championship for your team for as little as $10 today. If your team makes it, you are obligated to purchase each face-value priced ticket associated with each of your reservations. But if your team doesn't make it, you only forfeit your reservation fee.

Tickets can be reserved at, a new ticket reservation system launched by the Big Ten in partnership with Forward Market Media (FMM) and BTN. Powered by FMM?s proprietary software platforms, fans can go to purchase, for as little as $10, the right to buy ?TeamTix.? If the team they specify qualifies, that fan is guaranteed a ticket to the game priced at face value. If the team they specify does not qualify, their ?TeamTix? expires and the fan forfeits only the reservation fee.

Adding to the excitement, fans can also trade their ?TeamTix? in real time in the Big Ten Forward Market, where prices can rise and fall with each team?s on-field performance as the season progresses. ?TeamTix? reservations will also be limited to eight tickets.

Check out the page here. Our TeamTix FAQ provides a pretty good overview. You can also follow Big Ten TeamTix on Twitter (@bigtenteamtix) and track transactions.

Find more information on general ticket sales to the game at