staff, June 29, 2012

A large number of Big Ten student-athletes past and present have qualified or are still trying to qualify to compete in the upcoming London Olympics (July 27-Aug. 12). Here at, we're collecting the various names for an official and comprehensive list that we'll post in the coming weeks, although your Big Ten school website is a great place to find confirmed participants from each school.

Just a few examples: Michigan has a great Wolverines section with a full list here, Penn State has gymnast competing Puerto Rico and another competing for Israel, and Wisconsin is landing some spots at the U.S. Track and Field Trials. See your school website for any and all recent updates.

Bonus: is currently lining up a number of Big Ten names to write Olympic journals right here on once the Olympics begin.

You can also look at some major Olympic names over at Recently, former Ohio State diver Katie Bell qualified for the U.S. diving team, so a look at a recent video interview ion this post and come back for more Big Ten Olympic coverage up to and right through the 2012 Summer Games.