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Video: Izzone busts out 'Yes!' chant vs. Ohio State

Travis Jackson

IZZONE Does the "Yes Dance"

WWE’s Daniel Bryan and Michigan State center Travis Jackson must have loved the chant the Izzone did multiple times in Tuesday night’s overtime win over No. 3 Ohio State. During Ohio State free throws and whenever it felt like it, really, the entire student section busted out the wrestler’s “Yes!” chant, the same one Jackson did to celebrate a touchdown vs. Michigan. Watch it this post.

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DiNardo: 'Why can't Michigan play Ohio State in September?'

Gerry DiNardo

2013 College Football Season Takeaways

Michigan State and Auburn both started the season unranked and went on to go 12-1 and win their respective conferences. So, why did the Tigers get the BCS title game bid over the Spartans? Other than the fact they play in the SEC, of course? Gerry DiNardo said on Tuesday’s #BTNLive that it has to do with how the Big Ten schedules. DiNardo’s recommendation? Play more big-time September night games. Watch the segment here.

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Mailbag: Bardo on ejections, new rules & more

Keith Appling

Fran McCaffery Post-game Press Conference

Let’s face it, there’s a lot of talk about college basketball’s new hand-checking rules and officiating, in general. Fans are passionate about it, naturally, and that’s very evident from the latest emails I’ve received. Read my Big Ten Mailbag in this post. Have a question for me? Enter it in the form at the bottom of the post, and I’ll answer the best ones.

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