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BTN LiveBIG: A 'B1G' showing in top 50 international engineering schools

Several of the universities of the Big Ten are known for great engineering programs. Whether it’s computer science at Illinois, aerospace at Purdue or auto manufacturing at Ohio State, these and other schools in the conference attract students from around the world with dreams of becoming the next Steve Jobs, Neil Armstrong or Henry Ford.

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BTN LiveBIG: University of Iowa introducing girls to STEM

It’s an antiquated notion: Young boys should play with slingshots, bottle rockets, telescopes and other things that prepare them for an adulthood spent thinking, tinkering and experimenting, while girls should play with dolls, E-Z Bake ovens and similar toys that get them ready for a lifetime of domestic service.

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BTN LiveBIG: An out of this world reunion at Purdue

Purdue University graduates have walked on the moon, worked in the Mir Space Station, and flown the Shuttle. They also have contributed many others who work at NASA or in the burgeoning private space programs.  And eight of the Purdue astronauts came back on campus to talk about their careers and experiences.

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