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BTN LiveBIG: Best of … Indiana

A trailblazing African-American basketball player who grew up in the segregated South. A virtuoso musician who contributed several tunes to the Great American Songbook. A Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist who changed the way war correspondents work, and died on the frontlines doing it. An author who wrote one of the most popular series of novels for young people in history. Walt Bellamy, Hoagy Carmichael, Ernie Pyle and Suzanne Collins might have led substantially different lives, but they’ve got two things in common: They made a huge mark on their respective fields, and they graduated from Indiana University. Hoosiers continue to make

BTN LiveBIG: Indiana gears up for a big 'Little' sporting event

During football and basketball games, BTN LiveBIG will spotlight notable examples of research, innovation and community service from around the conference. In-Game stories will provide more background on these features, and the opportunity to view the videos again. In just a few weeks, Indiana University will be caught up in an intense athletic competition that has a long and storied history in the Hoosier State. But we’re not talking about basketball. It’s a bicycle race — the Little 500. Yet to say that the “Little 5,” as it’s affectionately known, is just a bike race would be a bit like

BTN LiveBIG: Indiana’s Little 500 supports scholarships for deserving Hoosiers

Students at Big Ten universities aren’t waiting until they get out into the “real world” to make a difference. Find out how they’re working together to create positive, meaningful change in this BTN LiveBIG series: the Student Section. Anything that’s described as being the “world’s greatest” can be viewed with skepticism. Still, it’s hard to argue with Indiana University’s claim that the Little 500, taking place this weekend in Bloomington, is “The World’s Greatest College Weekend.” So what makes this 200-lap, 50-mile relay bike race so special? Well, it brings out tens of thousands of spectators and hundreds of participants,

BTN LiveBIG: Monday Download

World stem cell leaders will be at the University of Wisconson on Wednesday, April 30 for the 9th Annual Wisconsin Stem Cell Symposium: From Stem Cells to Blood. The 2014 Men’s #little500 champions. Congrats @BlackKeyCycling — We Are IU (@We_Are_IU) April 26, 2014 A University of Nebraska graduate student has been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship to return to Germany to teach. Northwestern University and Northwestern Memorial Hospital recently were honored during the Center on Halsted’s 2014 Human First Gala. Students and faculty at the University of Iowa have been in the news frequently.

BTN LiveBIG: Little 500 making a big impact at IU

Every year since 1951, Indiana University has run a cycling race they call the “Little 500.” Modeled after the iconic Indianapolis 500 auto race just up the road from Bloomington, the Little 500 has raised more than $1.5 million for scholarships the last 64 years that the IU Student Foundation has run it. But it’s become more than the nation’s largest collegiate bike race, attracting some 25,000 to campus for the festivities that will take place the weekend of April 25-26 this year. In fact, the Little 500 has become a vehicle for students to “do philanthropy and create a