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BTN LiveBIG: Maryland professor unveils line of brain-boosting beverages

At your local grocery store, you’ll see an assortment of energy and sport drinks, caffeinated beverages and various juices. In other words, drinks that promise to improve physical performance in one way or another. But what if there was a drink that could scientifically enhance your brain’s performance? A University of Maryland School of Medicine professor recently developed Kolé Life Foods, a Baltimore-based company offering a new line of beverages aimed at increasing several different brain functions. As of now, the start-up features four flavors of beverages: Inspire, designed to enhance alertness and focus; Happy, a mood booster; Dreams, which

BTN LiveBIG: Minnesota cultivates crop of the future

What kind of cookies will you leave for Santa Claus this Christmas? Chocolate chip? Sugar? How about a Kernza cookie? Kernza — also known as intermediate wheatgrass — is a new crop being developed at the University of Minnesota to replace better-known crops, with potentially promising economic and environmental results. Local Minnesota bakeries have started using Kernza to make cookies, pancakes, tortillas and more, and restaurants in New York and San Francisco are also experimenting with it in their recipes. The future looks bright indeed for this revolutionary crop, and it’s largely thanks to a program at Minnesota called the

BTN LiveBIG: Maryland’s Terp Farm fills bellies and minds with good stuff

During football and basketball games, BTN LiveBIG will spotlight notable examples of research, innovation and community service from around the conference. In-Game stories will provide more background on these features, and the opportunity to view the videos again. The University of Maryland is a diverse place. And thanks to the Terp Farm, that applies not just to the student body, but also the watermelon, kale, squash and other vegetables being grown on campus. “The Terp Farm is our sustainable vegetable farm,” said Allison Lilly, sustainability and wellness coordinator for UMD Dining Services, one of the three offices that administer the

BTN LiveBIG: Buckeye students master the art and science of barbecue

Students at The Ohio State University are flocking to a course that requires them to get “grilled” on the finer points of preparing mouth-watering steaks, pork loin and whole chickens on open fires. Just in time for tailgating season! Called “Bar-B-Q Science,” the class mixes elements of culinary science and nutrition as it dishes out many lessons on the joys of cooking. And there’s also a public-health component to the course too. “The idea is that ultimately there is a whole science behind meat and producing quality and reliably safe meat,” Bar-B-Q Science co-instructor Michael Cressman said. “We thought we should