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BTN LiveBIG: Spartans helping veterans

War changes people. It’s an unfortunate truth that families of deployed service men and women have to deal with. Whether it’s a submarine officer under water for six weeks or a marine overseas for 12 months, often times the soldier who left home does not resemble the one who returns, in the same way families change and adapt without that person in their day-to-day lives. Sometimes coming home can be more difficult than going to war, for all parties involved. Professor Adrian Blow, a family and marriage therapist and Associate Professor at Michigan State, has been working with Star Behavioral

BTN LiveBIG: A New Season

Welcome to the new BTN LiveB1G community! We’re excited for the 2013-14 season, and hope you’ll engage with us about the inspiring activities of students, professors and alumni taking place on Big Ten campuses and beyond. The Big Ten is filled with national leaders in research, innovation and service, and we look forward to learning about and celebrating those who are making a difference on campus, in neighboring communities and around the world. On this blog, you can expect an engaged, active group of folks who love the Big Ten and the worldwide impact its universities are making. We’ll feature