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#B1Gtourney: Your Tweets on TV

Throughout BTN’s televised coverage of the Big Ten Men’s Basketball Tournament, our TV producers will monitor Twitter for the best Big Ten tweets and air the top ones on TV. Some of you may recall we’ve done something like this before. How do you get your fantastic tweet in front of our eyes? Use the hashtag #B1Gtourney. See how others are using it right now and send us your tweets all tournament. And if you don”t know by now, BTN is all over Twitter.

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#B1GTourney: Your Tweets on TV

Our BTN crew is picking the best of your tweets and using them on TV during our tournament coverage. If you’re on Twitter, use the hashtag #B1Gtourney and tell us what you think about the games being played.We’re also tracking tweets from a variety of official school sources, fans and media folks who are covering the games in Indianapolis. Check that out here. Also, follow @BTNwomenshoops and @BigTenNetwork.

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#BTN Puts Your @BTNLive Tweets on TV

On Thursday night’s edition of BTN Live our crew continued our ongoing coverage of Penn State and the dismissal of Joe Paterno. As we do each week on our weekly live one-hour show we spotlighted the best of your tweets from Twitter sent to @BTNLive and ran them on TV during our conversation. We post clips on and archive full episode on,  but we know some people don’ see the show live on TV. So we did the next best thing and captured screen grabs. Who got their message on TV? Have a look inside.

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BTN Live: Did your tweet make our show?

We use a number of Twitter messages from our viewers and fans on BTN Live, our weekly live TV show every Thursday night. We post clips of our shows on and archive full episode on, too. But we know the users who got their tweets mentioned don’t always get to see their work on TV live, so we did the next best thing and captured screen grabs. Did your message make it on TV? Have a look further down in this post. And be sure to follow @BTNLive on Twitter and stay in touch.

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Twitter: Earliest Big Ten Memory


Players' Earliest Football Memory

At the annual Big Ten Football Kickoff Luncheon this year, went around to several of the interview tables in search of the players’ earliest or favorite sports memories. Watch now as several of this season’s biggest stars share their first or greatest memories with you. Now, it’s time for Big Ten fans’ earliest Big Ten memories. Take a walk down memory lane, and check out our Twitter followers’ earliest conference memories in this post. There are plenty of good ones.

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Twitter: Best Moment You've Witnessed

For no particular reason, I got to thinking today about the best/coolest sporting event/moment I have witnessed in person. The first thing that came to mind was being at Wrigley Field for Game 7 of the 2003 NLCS. The prospect of watching the Cubs celebrate a long-awaited World Series berth right in front of me made this night extra special, and it only got better when my favorite player, Kerry Wood, drilled a three-run home run. We all know how that game turned out, though. No need to open old wounds. That said, see my Twitter followers’ answers in this post.

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Best Week 2 Big Ten Tweets

It’s Saturday. Everyone is watching college football and many are tweeting about it, too. scours Twitter throughout the day to give you some of the best tweets regarding Big Ten football. Enjoy!

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