Big Ten Mailbag: Big Test Ahead for Michigan

I’ve enjoyed answering questions in my mailbags since I started as’s senior writer. Now that the 2012 football season is upon us, I’ll be posting them every Wednesday right through the Big Ten Championship.You can always send a question to me on this mailbag page 24/7 because we love to hear from fans. Don’t have a question but you do have a comment? I welcome those as well.

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Dienhart: Week 1 To Answer My Big Ten Questions

This is the first edition of a new weekly post where I will look at one key question for each team in a piece called: 12 Teams, 12 Questions. I’ll roll these out every Tuesday and look forward to hearing what you think about your team and your team’s games.

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Big Ten Links: How has Huskers offense improved?

Nebraska quarterback Taylor Martinez says he’s excited to show the progress of the Husker offense, and that’s good, because the attack must show improvement if Nebraska is to reach the goals some think it can attain. I just think with this being the second year under coordinator Tim Beck, the attack should be better. Plus, there are some nice weapons, including a deep collection of receivers and stud running back Rex Burkhead. Now let’s get to some more Big Ten links.

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