Got opinions? Make the Call (319) BIGTEN1

Our new show “BTN Live” is a one-hour weekly show that wants to hear from you and incorporate your opinions into the show. And here’s a really cool way to do it. Call (319) BIGTEN-1 and leave us a message. Who knows? We might even start posting those audio clips right here on

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The Pulse: What We Discussed

Don’t miss the latest episode of “The Big Ten Pulse” at 7:30 p.m. ET Monday on BTN. To preview the show, caught up with analysts Derek Rackley and Tim Doyle from, where else but, the make-up room. Watch now as Rack and Timmy D talk about their impressions of Michigan State’s opener, which the former called, and give their opinions on Illinois’ A.J. Jenkins calling himself the Big Ten’s best receiver. Do they agree? Watch to find out, and tune in tonight for their interview with Jenkins. Also, don’t miss “Big Ten Breakdown” at 7.

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Week 2 Football Power Rankings

Iowa's Marvin McNutt

Ohio State Postgame Report

Every week during the college football season, Brent Yarina posts his latest Big Ten Power Rankings. One week in the books, the conference is 10-2, with the two defeats coming by a combined nine points. As for the power rankings, they are not meant to mimic the Big Ten standings. What fun would that be? They aren’t scientific, either. They’re simply Brent’s thoughts on where each Big Ten team stands after its latest game and entering its next contest. Agree? Disagree? Tweet @BTNBrentYarina.

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College GameDay Headed to Ann Arbor

As expected, ESPN College GameDay confirmed Sunday that it will be in Ann Arbor for Saturday’s game against Notre Dame. It had to be a pretty easy choice, considering the two programs, the fact both teams are wearing special uniforms and, most importantly, it marks the first night game in Michigan Stadium history. The Big House added lights during the offseason, and they debuted for The Big Chill, last year’s hockey game between Michigan and Michigan State. Here’s a Twitpic of the lights.

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