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BTN LiveBIG: Nebraska research institute focuses on tomorrow’s security threats today

The recent hacking of U.S. Central Command’s Twitter (@CENTCOM) and YouTube accounts demonstrated that cyberterrorism is a very real threat. Fortunately, it’s a very well-researched one, too, thanks in part to the work done by the National Strategic Research Institute (NSRI) at the University of Nebraska. One thing’s for sure: Small organizations and individuals with no loyalty to any government will continue to exploit weaknesses. We’ll almost certainly see more of these kinds of attacks that attempt to undermine political, military and business institutions. It’s a public-facing opportunity for them to distribute their own propaganda, said Bob Hinson, founding executive

Braxton Miller says 'We have another year to do it' at title celebration

When Braxton Miller took the podium at Ohio State’s national championship celebration Saturday morning at Ohio Stadium, people listened carefully. [ MORE: Watch the Ohio State celebration again on BTN2Go! ] Would the 2012 and 2013 Big Ten Offensive Player of the Year and Silver Football Award winner put an end to the rumors and announce his decision to stay at Ohio State for his final year of eligibility? Heck, even the fans chanted “One More Year!” as Miller approached the podium and gathered himself before addressing the crowd. Miller’s message was quick. “Man, it’s a privilege and an honor

BTN LiveBIG: Michigan State’s Trifecta a true meeting of the minds

Like the Superfriends of Saturday morning cartoon fame, the Nursing, Communication Arts and Sciences, and Engineering colleges at Michigan State University are combining their respective powers for the common goal of improving the lives of the people around the world. The colleges are collaborating on a research initiative that’s focused on creating and improving technologies and techniques that enhance health services everywhere. The program is called Trifecta, and it’s led by Shelia Cotten, a professor in the department of media and information at Michigan State. “Our goal is to increase interdisciplinary research, get people to talk to each other across