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Hall: Field Hockey Tutorial

BTN host Mike Hall loves to try his hand at new sports. A collegiate athlete he was not, Hall will try just about anything — and do so in front of cameras. Last spring, he went to East Lansing, Mich., in pursuit of trying to learn how to play field hockey. “The sport’s an anomaly to me,” Hall said before his tutorial. Obviously, Hall found out field hockey is anything but an easy sport. Watch Hall practice with the Spartans in this video.

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Rowing: Sights And Sounds

Rowing, without question, is an under-the-radar sport. For as little as the casual sports fan knows about the sport, it does provide Big Ten student-athletes with one of the more beautiful sanctuaries in collegiate sports. The sights and sounds rowers encounter on a daily basis out on the water are peaceful and calming — you name the adjective. Don’t believe us? Watch this fantastic rowing feature and try to tell us otherwise.

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