BTN Field Pass on BTN2Go

Big Ten Field Pass on BTN2Go is fast becoming a must-watch event each week. What is it? BTN Field Pass is when BTN turns on a BTN TV camera one hour before kickoff at a selected Big Ten football game, and it let’s you see the home team’s football stadium and all that goes on before the game starts live on the Internet.

It gives you a  great Internet-only looks at the bands, the cheerleaders and the players warming up. We even give the fans a chance to practice their crazed yelling so they’re ready for when the game starts and our TV audience tunes in.

Where will we be next? Come to’s home page every Saturday morning to find out.  Remember: This exclusive live video is only be available online at BTN2Go, so be sure you have access to that ahead of time (more details on BTN2Go here). If you’re watching from home, tune in online and see what the Field Pass captures live.