Week 2: See our predictions for all 13 Big Ten football games

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Every week during the 2014 football season, BTN.com’s Tom Dienhart, Brent Yarina, Sean Merriman and a Big Ten beat writer make their Big Ten picks. This week, Iowa writer Marc Morehouse joins us. We also provide polls for Big Ten fans to select their winners.

See our predictions below and scroll down to vote for your winners in this post.

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Sean MerrimanSean Merriman (@BTNSean)
2014 record:
Week 2 picks: Illinois 27, Western Kentucky 24; Rutgers 31, Howard 20; Wisconsin 56, Western Illinois 14; Nebraska 45, McNeese State 7; Penn State 42, Akron 24; Purdue 23, Central Michigan 21; Minnesota 27, Middle Tennessee 23; Northern Illinois 28, Northwestern 21; Iowa 27, Ball State 17; Maryland 35, South Florida 17; Oregon 31, Michigan State 28; Notre Dame 42, Michigan 38; Ohio State 28, Virginia Tech 27

Brent YarinaBrent Yarina (@BTNBrentYarina)
2014 record: 13-1
Week 2 picks: Illinois 37, Western Kentucky 31; Rutgers 38, Howard 20; Wisconsin 48, Western Illinois 10; Nebraska 55, McNeese State 17; Penn State 34, Akron 20; Purdue 31, Central Michigan 28; Minnesota 30, Middle Tennessee 23; Northern Illinois 27, Northwestern 24; Iowa 37, Ball State 16; Maryland 36, South Florida 27; Oregon 34, Michigan State 31; Michigan 26, Notre Dame 23; Ohio State 30, Virginia Tech 24

FansBig Ten fans
2014 record:
Week 2 picks: See polls below

Tom DienhartTom Dienhart (@BTNTomDienhart)
2014 record: 11-3
Week 2 picks: Illinois 31, Western Kentucky 28; Rutgers 33, Howard 10; Wisconsin 50, Western Illinois 6; Nebraska 54, McNeese State 9; Penn State 29, Akron 13; Purdue 35, Central Michigan 27; Minnesota 31, Middle Tennessee 23; Northwestern 31, Northern Illinois 27; Iowa 28, Ball State 17; Maryland 44, South Florida 20; Oregon 33, Michigan State 30; Michigan 27, Notre Dame 24; Ohio State 24, Virginia Tech 21

Rotating B1G Writer: Marc Morehouse, thegazette.com (@marcmorehouse)
2014 record: 11-3
Week 2 picks: Illinois 28, Western Kentucky 24; Rutgers 41, Howard 14; Wisconsin 51, Western Illinois 10; Nebraska 64, McNeese State 7; Penn State 31, Akron 24; Purdue 33, Central Michigan 31; Minnesota 17, Middle Tennessee 14; Northern Illinois 20, Northwestern 17; Iowa 42, Ball State 14; Maryland 34, South Florida 28; Oregon 27, Michigan State 24; Michigan 21, Notre Dame 20; Ohio State 38, Virginia Tech 21



Western Kentucky (1-0) at Illinois (1-0) – noon ET, BTN (Watch on BTN2Go)

Howard (0-1) at Rutgers (1-0) – noon ET, BTN (Watch on BTN2Go)

Western Illinois (1-0) at Wisconsin (0-1) – noon ET, BTN (Watch on BTN2Go)

McNeese State (0-0) at Nebraska (1-0) – noon ET, ESPNU

Akron (1-0) at Penn State (1-0) – noon ET, ABC/ESPN3

Central Michigan (1-0) at Purdue (1-0) – noon ET, ESPNews

Middle Tennessee (1-0) at Minnesota (1-0) – 3:30 p.m. ET, BTN (Watch on BTN2Go)

Northern Illinois (1-0) at Northwestern (0-1) – 3:30 p.m. ET, BTN (Watch on BTN2Go)

Ball State (1-0) at Iowa (1-0) – 3:30 p.m. ET, ESPN2

Maryland (1-0) at South Florida (1-0) – 3: 30 p.m. ET, CBSS

Michigan State (1-0) at Oregon (1-0) – 6:30 p.m. ET, FOX

Michigan (1-0) at Notre Dame (1-0) – 7:30 p.m. ET, NBC

Virginia Tech (1-0) at Ohio State (1-0) – 8 p.m. ET, ESPN


Your Opinion?
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Jay Poole on 9/3/2014 @ 11:24am EDT Said:

Howard lost 41-0 to Akron folks. If you’re predicting them to drop 20 on Rutgers than you should probably be predicting Akron to beat PSU.

Jim on 9/3/2014 @ 11:48am EDT Said:

you dont get any stronger by lifting light weights. some of these games are against creampuffs! No offense guys.

Mark Cunneen on 9/3/2014 @ 12:00pm EDT Said:

Not that there is a Big 10 bias in these polls but really, Michigan State over Oregon? Do they not see the Vegas line which isn’t wrong very often…….

Devon on 9/3/2014 @ 8:04pm EDT Said:

Mark, Idk if you can recall or not but MSU was a 6.5 point underdog versus OSU and won by 10 and a 6.5 point underdog against standford and won by 4. MSU needs to play well, as does any team to be tha caliber of athletes that Oregon has, but the same must be said about Oregon’s defense against MSU’s offense. Only 3 days, and we’ll see how good Vegas is when picking against MSU.

jec332 on 9/3/2014 @ 8:13pm EDT Said:

Who are the 9.4% that actually think Akron will beat Penn State?

There must be some people getting lost and wandering over here from watching tennis, as they obviously don’t know football.

jec332 on 9/3/2014 @ 8:14pm EDT Said:

Mark Cunneen, I agree. I hope MSU wins, as it’d be good for the conference, but Oregon rolls in that game.

jec332 on 9/3/2014 @ 8:22pm EDT Said:

Marc Morehouse (one of the guest pickers above):

A writer from the IOWA gazette that predicts Penn State only wins by 7 over Akron and Iowa blows out Ball State 42-14.

So, he thinks…Iowa, a team which struggled to beat FCS Northern Iowa, is going to beat their MAC team in a blowout. Penn State, after beating a team coming off a BCS bowl winning season and top 10 finish, will struggle against a MAC team that went 5-7?!??

Iowa homerism at its finest, ladies and gentlemen.

MSU#1-Rose Bowl Win, B1G Champs! 13-1! 42 wins in 4 years! on 9/3/2014 @ 8:48pm EDT Said:

@little marky cunn, nice wal-mart post there little sister…

generalmike316 on 9/3/2014 @ 8:57pm EDT Said:

You guys are nuts if you think Howard is scoring any points against Rutgers.

BigRedAvenger on 9/3/2014 @ 9:13pm EDT Said:

I would not consider an MSU win as much of an upset. I expect them to win.

Dave Riggle on 9/3/2014 @ 9:52pm EDT Said:

Ohio State and Michigan state go down. Nebraska has another walk through practice. Second and third string should be in by second quarter but BO Keeps the first stringers in till the forth when it get ridiculous 65-0 and it is pointless. Why even schedule them? Leaves you to question??? Trying to keep injuries down or build confidence and continuity? Michigan beats Notre Dame Handily and gets everyone talking……. Rutgers is for real!!!!

It just doesn't matter on 9/3/2014 @ 9:54pm EDT Said:

What was vegas saying when MSU played Stanford? Defense wins championships.

Damien Whited on 9/3/2014 @ 10:09pm EDT Said:

Illinois 35 Western Kentucky 24 Nebraska 63 McNeese State 3 Michigan State 34 Oregon 24 Notre Dame 27 Michigan 20 (OT) Rutgers 41 Howard 7 Wisconsin 56 Western Illinois 10 Penn State 45 Akron 20 Ohio State 34 Va Tech 20 Maryland 41 South Florida 21 Purdue 37 Central Michigan 20 Minnesota 44 Middle Tennessee 20 Iowa 34 Ball State 17 Northern Illinois 41 Northwestern 24

Damien Whited on 9/3/2014 @ 10:11pm EDT Said:

11-2 weekend for the Big 10 Conference, with Michigan and Northwestern losing.

Big P on 9/4/2014 @ 4:37am EDT Said:

Mark, MSU is often the Vegas underdog in big games, it doesn’t seem to stop them winning. Last year v OSU and Stanford, 2011 v Wisconsin and UGA just to name a few. MSU could definitely beat Oregon, in fact I’d say MSU is the more complete team between the 2.

Ty Lawks on 9/4/2014 @ 12:04pm EDT Said:

Half of these “experts” think Akron scores as many points at Beaver Stadium as UCF did at a neutral site. (and Dienhart isn’t even one of them)

RU_bhustlin on 9/4/2014 @ 12:47pm EDT Said:

If Howard scores 20 on Rutgers, I will be shocked. Rutgers has the longest streak (8 years?) of shutouts against FCS opponents in all of college football.

BMOHR1123 on 9/4/2014 @ 6:33pm EDT Said:

Picking MSU over Oregon proves you have no knowledge of College Football and don’t pay attention to anyone but your own teams…..

kisarazu on 9/5/2014 @ 11:00am EDT Said:

Funny, Oregon couldn’t beat Stanford. MSU did in the Rosebowl. That’s enough knowledge for me. Have fun watching them lose tomorrow.

flyers2114 on 9/5/2014 @ 2:42pm EDT Said:

Thank you BMOHR for making everyone in here a tad bit dumber with your dumb comments… Not saying MSU will win for sure… But to say they can’t beat Oregon is silly… You really don’t understand or know the game of college football..

Paul Wiekierak on 9/6/2014 @ 12:22am EDT Said:

Michigan State and Ohio State falter badly this week. The only really good game to watch is the Michigan – Notre Dame game which Michigan will win handly and get the pundints talking!

Big Ten Fan on 9/6/2014 @ 8:49am EDT Said:

Good week for Rutgers, Wisconsin, Nebraska, Penn State, Minnesota, Northwestern, Iowa, Maryland and Michigan State.

Bad week for Illinois, Purdue, Michigan and Ohio State