Video: Ex-Michigan star Nik Stauskas hits 15-of-15 treys in 46 seconds

Nik Stauskas

Nik Stauskas is at it again. The 2013-14 Big Ten Player of the Year and Sacramento Kings first-round pick has posted another YouTube video that displays his ridiculous shooting prowess. This time, Stauskas drains 15-of-15 triples – NBA triples, that is – in 46 seconds. In a word, that is insane!

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John on 8/29/2014 @ 11:42pm EDT Said:

That’s pretty awesome!! Does he have a chance to start for the Kings this year? I’m thinking about drafting him in one of my fantasy NBA leagues.

maryam on 8/30/2014 @ 2:11am EDT Said:

As a Michigan fan, I wish Stauskas and the media would stop with these overrated videos of him shooting the ball.
This guy puts on these great performances in practice when no one is guarding him then he gets in a game where it counts and he misses wide open shots and shoots just over 80% at the foul line when he should be shooting 90% or better for someone with his skills.
I think back to the game at Ohio State his freshman year (scoreless and Michigan lost by 3), the Final Four game with Syracuse and the national title game with Louisville and you couldn’t find him with a microscope.
That’s when Michigan really needed his GREAT shooting skills.
I am a big fan of his but it’s time he concentrates on other facets of his game (defense, rebounding and ballhandling) and stop trying to please folks on You Tube with shooting.
He’s in the NBA now and other players won’t be fazed with his videos if he doesn’t improve his overall game.

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