Countdown to kickoff: West best uniform?

Kickoff is fast approaching. To help count down the days to Aug. 28, the team is discussing one topic every day. Think of it as our countdown to kickoff. Today’s topic: West best uniform? See Tom Dienhart, Sean Merriman and Brent Yarina’s picks in this post.

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Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Bruce Thorson-USA TODAY Sports

Tom Dienhart: Nebraska. I just like the classic simplicity of the “N” helmet, which is iconic. Too conservative for you? Well, the school has introduced some alternate looks to spice things up. Still, the iconic basic red jersey and white pants are difficult to top.


Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

Sean Merriman: Northwestern. The Big Ten’s most underrated team this season also has the most underrated uniform, in my opinion. I am a big fan of the purple-black combination. Check out the uniform combination the Wildcats wore vs. Ohio State last season. Those are very sharp, and those all-black helmets with the silver Wildcat logo are my personal favorite. Under Armour gets an A+ in my book for these uniform designs.


Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Jesse Johnson-USA TODAY Sports

Brent Yarina: Minnesota. This is the Big Ten’s most underrated uniform. While the team may have a few too many combinations for the old-school fan, it’s hard to argue that Nike didn’t get it right with this 2012 redesign. My personal favorites? The all-white road and the this home alternate. Get rid of the thick collar design, a Nike staple, and this design is right up with Michigan and Penn State.


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Rusty Cowles on 8/12/2014 @ 8:46pm EDT Said:

Huskers all the way. Iowa’s is a Steeler knock off.

Craig on 8/12/2014 @ 9:35pm EDT Said:


NYCJake10010 on 8/13/2014 @ 8:25am EDT Said:

Huge Gopher fan here. Absolutely hate the uniform above. Flop the colors and it works much better. They should never wear those yellow jerseys, it just doesn’t work in any combination. I like the all white. Like the maroon jerseys and gold pants. Wish they would replace the M on the pants with Goldy and put a stripe down the side of the pants.

Brian Schwartz (@bws258) on 8/13/2014 @ 12:12pm EDT Said:

Iowa, it’s not even close

Jodi Dickman on 8/13/2014 @ 5:15pm EDT Said:

GOPHERS!! Just wish the fans could get replica jerseys with Applique/ Tackle Twill numbers and letters! HATE the “iron-on” knock offs!

Paul rugby on 8/13/2014 @ 6:05pm EDT Said:

Northwester fan here, and I still like the classic blue uniforms more than the purple ones, but the black and purple work so well. Defiantly most underrated. And the new minnesota uniforms look terrible.

Ryan on 8/14/2014 @ 2:17pm EDT Said:

Good to see Goldy get some run here. Agreed with NYC Jake. The gold shirt combo above is not great, but the all maroon homes & the all white roads are phenom. Penn State & Michigan still have the best uni’s in the B1G, but the updated-old-school style of the MN uni’s makes them top-tier nonetheless. A far cry from the rags of the short-lived (thankfully) Tim Brewster era. Now if the team can continue to progress in those sharp unis…

jim on 8/14/2014 @ 10:12pm EDT Said:

Northwestern – That Purple on a jersey just looks regal.

Fred Hall on 8/23/2014 @ 11:22am EDT Said:

Remember when Hayden Fry got to Iowa he wanted to completely change everything, and proudly said he copied the Steelers uniform. Obviously no originality involved with Iowa so personally I DQ them from consideration. Its really just a vote for the Pittsburgh Steelers