Five Big Ten programs listed on top 25 jobs list posted its top 25 jobs in college football Monday, and a handful of Big Ten teams made the list. Ohio State paced the Big Ten, at No. 6, behind Florida, Texas, Georgia, USC and Alabama. Michigan, Penn State, Wisconsin and Nebraska also made the cut. See where all the Big Ten teams land in this post.

No. 6 Ohio State
No. 11 Michigan
No. 14 Penn State
No. 19 Wisconsin
No. 23 Nebraska

If five Big Ten schools are to be listed in such a ranking, these are the five one would expect, and probably in a similar order to this one. The only real surprise might be Wisconsin being ahead of Nebraska.

See the full ranking here.

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports


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Karen Linzmeier on 8/4/2014 @ 4:39pm EDT Said:

The Badgers have been consistently better than Nebraska for quite some time. The Wisconsin job is more lucrative than the Huskers’ job. It really is NOT a surprise. Not to mention Madison is the best college sports town in America. Is there a reason the football articles on this site seem to put Wisconsin down – when the national media are finally giving us the kudos we deserve?

Jay Shippy on 8/4/2014 @ 4:56pm EDT Said:

Wisconsin is ahead of Nebraska possibly because Madison is one of the nicest cities in the country.

JP on 8/4/2014 @ 5:50pm EDT Said:

Except the coach of Wisconsin would have to deal with their fans. Worst experience I have ever had was dealing with several different groups of Wisconsin fans during and after a game. Plus, they don’t pay their coaches (ask Beilema) and are prbly middle of the pack for facilities. Other than that, it’s a gem of a job.

BigTenFan on 8/4/2014 @ 7:53pm EDT Said:

I would agree that Wisconsin has been just as competitive, if not more, during Nebraska’s time in the Big Ten but that doesn’t necessarily make it a better job. Its about fan support (300+ consecutive sellouts), history (5 championships, 46 conf. championships), financial support (part of Beliema leaving was compensation for his assistants while Nebraska pays it’s assistants better than any team in the Big Ten) which also includes how much the coaches can spend on recruiting which nebraska does better as well. Lincoln as a city was rated by Forbes and Gallup as one of the top ten cities in the U.S. for a career and overall health. Does all this translate into wins for 2014? Not really. Wisconsin, like Michigan State, develops players better than any team in the Big Ten but at the same time, that is not what this article is discussing.

Great read and can’t wait for some football!

Robert Sandin on 8/5/2014 @ 9:07am EDT Said:

Wisconsin just finished renovating their facilities. I’m not sure where they stack up nationally or even in the Big Ten but they are definitely very nice. Plus, as others have mentioned, Madison is a great college town. Whether or not the Wisconsin job should be ahead of Nebraska is up for debate, but it’s certainly not an egregious mistake.

chris on 8/5/2014 @ 9:10am EDT Said:

Middle of the pack in facilities? really? the don’t pay their coaches issue is changing also.

Nathan on 8/5/2014 @ 10:06am EDT Said:

Its laughable how Wisc fan arrogantly think they are the best college town… How many college towns in the B1G have you actually attended other than your own to make that decision? That’s what I thought…

gary on 8/5/2014 @ 10:08am EDT Said:

Nebraska’s facilities are tops. Fans are tops. Tradition and history is tops. Pay is above average. None of those are Wisconsin.

Maury McCoy on 8/5/2014 @ 10:10am EDT Said:

Swap Nebraska and Wisconsin and the list makes sense… There’s not a lot of history in Madison other than a few Rose Bowls. Nebraska has a trophy room full of National Championships.

JJG on 8/5/2014 @ 10:53am EDT Said:

Where’s the nattys at Whiskey?…they shouldn’t be ahead of Nebraska.

Karen Linzmeier on 8/5/2014 @ 11:06am EDT Said:

Madison, Wisconsin has been NAMED the best college sports town in America and the city of Madison is consistently on our nation’s lists of the top 5 cities to live in. I must have missed seeing Lincoln, NE on either of those lists. (And, yes, I have been to Nebraska). I have been to every Big Ten town except for Ann Arbor, East Lansing, and College Park, MD. We have great facilities for both football and basketball – including tradition-rich Camp Randall, the iconic Kohl Center, and upgraded practice facilities. And, we have some of the best fans in all of college sports. I am not anti-Nebraska but it is not surprising to anyone who has lived in Madison and/or attended Badger football games why the Wisconsin job is ahead of the Husker job.

JP on 8/5/2014 @ 11:25am EDT Said:

Finally some sensible comments. Location for recruiting is the only reason Nebraska isn’t amongst OSU, Michigan and Penn St. on this ranking. Though the media never talks about it. The #1 winningest program in the country since 1970 resides in Lincoln, Nebraska and it’s not even close.

Bill Christensen on 8/5/2014 @ 12:29pm EDT Said:

Could it be that the Nebraska alum at Wisconsin brought something with him?

jake on 8/5/2014 @ 1:03pm EDT Said:

Iowa will be there by the end of the season!

Gregg on 8/5/2014 @ 1:41pm EDT Said:

Stop living in the past “Maury McCoy” – National Championships decades ago shows everyone your program used to be something, but as everyone knows, that was a LONG time ago. Nebraska has been middle of the pack or lower for years and years. WI has been in the top 3 of the Big10 for decades now – huge difference between these programs – WI is at the top and Nebraska is no where close. Sorry, truth hurts

zacman83 on 8/5/2014 @ 4:27pm EDT Said:

Is Georgia really that much of a “drop-everything-and-say-yes” type of job for a college football coach? The article referenced seems to think that simply having a lot of great recruits in the state makes it a top-three job. I know they have plenty of tradition, but what about the Georgia job (other than being in the SEC–in which having a great season is even harder) is better than, say, Penn St? Or Ohio State? Or Tennessee? Or Oregon?

Rich Goehring on 8/5/2014 @ 7:25pm EDT Said:

Understand Nebraska’s last titles were in the 90’s but when was the last time Wisconsin won a national championship?

Mary Brennan on 8/5/2014 @ 7:29pm EDT Said:

I notice that Iowa is still missing from this and the Coaches pre-season top 25. So why, I ask you, do the “experts” at BTN pick Iowa ahead of Nebraska in the West, when Nebraska is ranked in both polls? Please start showing some respect for the Huskers.

Matt Barker on 8/6/2014 @ 11:24am EDT Said:

For those of you arguing about the list, all you need to know that it was compiled by Clay Travis, who is an SEC homer and known Big Ten troll. With that, this list is meaningless.

Continue on with your day.

Hesiod Theogeny (@Hesiod2k11) on 8/6/2014 @ 11:29am EDT Said:

I’ve been to Champagne, Columbus, East Lansing, Ann Arbor, Chicago, West Lafayette, State College and Madison. If you are talking about a pure college town atmosphere, Madison is hands down the best of those listed. The closest would be Ann Arbor. Columbus and Chicago are just way too big to be put into a “college town” category.

The remainder of the classic B1G schools with :college towns (i.e. Bloomington, Iowa City) don’t have nearly the same reputation Madison has. And the last one, Minneapolis, is a larger city – not a classic college town.

Outside of the B1g, I’ve been to the SEC’s Tuscaloosa and Gainesville. Gainesville is really nice, and could give Madison a run for it’s money. But, Madison has those lakes.

I’ve heard that Eugene (Oregon) is great, though. The same with Austin. But, as I said, from my limited experience, Madison has the best full-on college town experience in the Big Ten.

Hesiod Theogeny (@Hesiod2k11) on 8/6/2014 @ 11:33am EDT Said:

Ohio State should be in the top 3 jobs.

It’s a huge money-maker. It has tradition. It’s in a prestige/power conference.

And Ohio State basically gets the pick of the crop in the state of Ohio with respect to recruits. Georgia is the only school that rivals Ohio State in that regard. i.e. it is the sole Big Fish in a state that produces a ton of Div I recruits every year.

Barry MaCaukiner on 8/17/2014 @ 5:35pm EDT Said:

Karen Linzmeier:
“Not so fast …..” as the famous Lee Corso would say.
Madison WI may very well be a Top 10 or even Top 5 destination for college football, college town atmosphere, and among “most livable cities”. Disclaimer: Yes, I’ve been to Madison for college football, men’s hoops, and women’s volleyball, as a visiting team fan, and have truly enjoyed my experiences in town and at Camp Randall for the most part. Of note, that excludes those among students incapable of acting as upstanding young adults at football games; yes, yes, I know — every fan base has some idiots in the student section, to be sure; however, among the 30+ college football stadiums I’ve visited, the vile profanity & behavior among at least half of students at Camp Randall is unmatched — a serious wet blanket on the “nicety” of Madison). However, you would do well to research before spouting off such nonsense when mentioning Lincoln NE in your antagonistic diatribe.
Here are but two more-than-just-a-little-reputable resources among several publications to completely dispute your ignorant claim: