Bo Pelini unveils new Nebraska alternate uniform

Bo Pelini told reporters Tuesday at Big Ten media days that the team would break out a new alternate uniform for its Big Ten opener Sept. 27 vs. Illinois. On Friday, Pelini unveiled the new “Red Rising” design at a team meeting. He didn’t do it with the help of a mannequin, either. Nope, Pelini entered the room donning the new look himself. Watch the video and see pictures of the new design in this post.

Get caught up on latest Big Ten fashion trends:

The Huskers wore a similar all-red adidas alternate vs. Wisconsin in 2012. That one, though, featured a polarizing large “N” on the front of the jersey and a black helmet.

While this helmet isn’t black, the overall design isn’t shy on the color that is a nod to the program’s Blackshirt defense; in fact, the socks and gloves are black and the pants, jersey and (matte) helmet all have black accents.

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Feit Can Write on 8/1/2014 @ 11:56am EDT Said:

Is there a hidden message in Nebraska’s new helmet?

Texconsin on 8/4/2014 @ 1:35pm EDT Said:

Truly the UGLIEST football uniform in college football…looks like something worn at D-III level.

Chris on 8/4/2014 @ 4:20pm EDT Said:

Wait until Maryland plays in the Big 10. Some of Maryland’s uni’s are pretty ugly too.

Brian Vermeer on 8/4/2014 @ 8:34pm EDT Said:

I’ll be glad when this alternate uniform fad is over.

Mark Cunneen on 8/5/2014 @ 11:18am EDT Said:

Yea, that is pretty ugly. You can tell even the players thought so.

steven on 9/12/2014 @ 4:48pm EDT Said:

i knik ofr like the red look, but i’m a blackshirts guy, and would like to see the blck helmet