Poll: Chicago Tribune asks for best Big Ten mascot



Our friends at the Chicago Tribune are running a fun poll that is asking fans to vote for the best Big Ten mascot. Vote here. With the recent addition of Maryland (Testudo) and Rutgers (Scarlet Knight), the Big Ten now features 11 mascots. As of Tuesday morning, it’s a two-mascot race, with Herky the Hawk garnering 51 percent of the votes and Brutus Buckeye 43 percent.

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Illinois, Indiana and Michigan are the only schools without a mascot.


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Big P on 7/29/2014 @ 8:29am EST Said:

inb4 Sparty inevitably wins again.

Teri on 7/29/2014 @ 8:53am EST Said:

Bucky Badger!

Janice Love Autullo on 7/29/2014 @ 9:11am EST Said:

Brutus of course !

Barbara Chakas DeWitt on 7/29/2014 @ 10:00am EST Said:

Brutus Buckeye!!!!!

justin on 7/29/2014 @ 10:06am EST Said:

Illinois SHOULD still have their mascot. Hail to the CHIEF!!!

mti on 7/29/2014 @ 10:25am EST Said:

What nobody ever realizes when they put these polls / surveys together about mascots, is that Purdue University’s Official Mascot is the Boilermaker Special.

Jeff on 7/29/2014 @ 10:30am EST Said:

I wonder how Purdue would do if they used the actual official mascot, which is the Boilermaker Special train.

Curt on 7/29/2014 @ 10:32am EST Said:

I always figured that OSU fans had nothing to do everyday but this just proves it.

Rich on 7/29/2014 @ 10:58am EST Said:

Illinois was robbed of theirs; is a better explanation.

Dominique Devereaux on 7/29/2014 @ 11:00am EST Said:

Bucky Badger

M. Krupa on 7/29/2014 @ 12:06pm EST Said:

Sparty for me.

Todd Forsythe on 7/29/2014 @ 12:11pm EST Said:

Bucky Badger!

George on 7/29/2014 @ 12:28pm EST Said:

Bucky Badger all the way!

JJ on 7/29/2014 @ 12:54pm EST Said:


Frank on 7/29/2014 @ 1:28pm EST Said:

Our most popular is Brutus then Sparty then Bucky. http://www.stonemascots.com

Wendy Vogel on 7/29/2014 @ 1:37pm EST Said:

Brutus buckeye

lz on 7/29/2014 @ 1:38pm EST Said:


Larry on 7/29/2014 @ 2:04pm EST Said:

I Like all of them!!

Richard Cobb on 7/29/2014 @ 2:50pm EST Said:

Who else but Sparty!

Matthew Johnson on 7/29/2014 @ 2:54pm EST Said:

Brutus!!!!!!!! O-H!!!

Charlotte Voight on 7/29/2014 @ 3:47pm EST Said:

It’S the stately Nittany Lion of course!

mark on 7/29/2014 @ 3:55pm EST Said:

Herky …Go Hawks baby

Susan Zucker on 7/29/2014 @ 4:50pm EST Said:

Bucky Badger

Mark on 7/29/2014 @ 5:50pm EST Said:

No mascot should be an option. Mascots are stupid and a distraction from the game.

Big Ten Fan on 7/29/2014 @ 5:56pm EST Said:

Really? Brutus is cool but not that cool. Sparty. All the way with a dead heat between Bucky Badger and the Nittany Lion for third. Testudo is next and then Brutus.

Herky's Mom on 7/29/2014 @ 6:10pm EST Said:

Herky – of course!

Lexi on 7/29/2014 @ 6:17pm EST Said:


Peggy on 7/29/2014 @ 10:00pm EST Said:

Herky from the Iowa Hawkeyes!

Valerie Malone on 7/30/2014 @ 1:11am EST Said:

#1 Brutus all the way GO BUCKS OSU RULES :)

motownwalt on 7/30/2014 @ 1:20am EST Said:

This isn’t even close. Sparty is the best mascot in the country, not just the B1G.

Leslie Wachel Kofron on 7/30/2014 @ 4:04am EST Said:

University of Illinois had Chief Illiniwek, and they took him away! Everyone HONORED the Chief but he offended some native Americans and the University decided he had to go. How dumb was that! Hail to the Chief! Bring him back!

VG on 7/30/2014 @ 8:13am EST Said:

herky the hawk

Dave on 7/30/2014 @ 8:19am EST Said:


Cindy Brenner on 7/30/2014 @ 8:21am EST Said:

Brutus without a doubt

Teri C from CO on 7/30/2014 @ 8:27am EST Said:

Herky wins!!

Chris Murray on 7/30/2014 @ 8:45am EST Said:

Herky is the BEST!

Jay on 7/30/2014 @ 9:18am EST Said:


Amy Tipton on 7/30/2014 @ 9:24am EST Said:

Iowa’s Herky!!!

Jeanne on 7/30/2014 @ 10:03am EST Said:

Herky!! Go Hawks!

jORDAN on 7/30/2014 @ 10:19am EST Said:

Herky!!! GO HAWKS!

Karen on 7/30/2014 @ 10:26am EST Said:


Janet on 7/30/2014 @ 11:04am EST Said:

Herky the Hawk should be the big winner!

McKenzie Snyder Gilbert on 7/30/2014 @ 11:24am EST Said:


TMan on 7/30/2014 @ 11:35am EST Said:

Purdue Pete is winning because the intelligent university students and alumni of Purdue figured out how to cheat the system. Bow before your Big 10 overlord!!

Brandy Manders Rausch on 7/30/2014 @ 11:41am EST Said:

Herky The Hawk for sure!!!

Hans Guter on 7/30/2014 @ 11:58am EST Said:

Brutus Buckeye!!

jane rutledge on 7/30/2014 @ 12:28pm EST Said:

Hawkeyes, of course!!!

Lien Kathy on 7/30/2014 @ 1:06pm EST Said:


BadAsBuckeye on 7/30/2014 @ 1:24pm EST Said:

purdue is cheating, they are getting 100 votes per second LOL. Shame on you guys for cheating, I thought it was only done down south.

Shari Brunner on 7/30/2014 @ 2:05pm EST Said:

Bucky Badger is the very best!!

Shelly Pottebaum on 7/30/2014 @ 3:36pm EST Said:

Herky, he’s the coolest!!!!!

jbq123 on 7/30/2014 @ 3:57pm EST Said:


Tom Sepic on 7/30/2014 @ 4:17pm EST Said:

Herky the Hawk without a doubt!

Sharon Artman on 7/30/2014 @ 5:04pm EST Said:

Herky for sure!

Kipp on 7/30/2014 @ 5:20pm EST Said:

Something is up with the poll. Right now it says that Purdue is in the lead at 75%. There is no way that is correct.

Susan Winegarden on 7/30/2014 @ 5:36pm EST Said:

Herky the Hawk, of course!!!

chris g. on 7/30/2014 @ 5:46pm EST Said:

Herky the Hawk!!!

Kay on 7/30/2014 @ 5:52pm EST Said:

Bucky Badger!

Beth on 7/30/2014 @ 7:39pm EST Said:

Herky- go Hawks!

Mary on 7/30/2014 @ 7:58pm EST Said:


Kurt on 7/30/2014 @ 8:41pm EST Said:

I think someone hacked the poll. Purdue has over 3 million votes

Jason Tyma on 7/30/2014 @ 9:09pm EST Said:

Herbie Husker

Amy on 7/30/2014 @ 9:13pm EST Said:

Herky the Hawk!

rusty on 7/30/2014 @ 9:35pm EST Said:

Herky the great, Baby!!!!!!

Barbara Fackel on 7/30/2014 @ 9:39pm EST Said:

Herky, for sure!

Janann Schiele on 7/30/2014 @ 10:19pm EST Said:

Herky of course. Who else?

Joe Snyder on 7/30/2014 @ 11:00pm EST Said:

Herky is the greatest!

ilaSibley on 7/31/2014 @ 6:55am EST Said:


Ann on 7/31/2014 @ 10:11am EST Said:


Amy on 7/31/2014 @ 10:37am EST Said:

definitely Herky!! He’s the best!!

Chris on 7/31/2014 @ 3:38pm EST Said:

No offense Purdue, but 4 million more votes than any other school? Smells like a hack to me!

Angie on 7/31/2014 @ 7:53pm EST Said:


PKap on 7/31/2014 @ 9:16pm EST Said:

Herky. Go Hawks!

JOANN SAMPSON on 7/31/2014 @ 10:35pm EST Said:

Herky – go Iowa Hawks!

Steve on 8/1/2014 @ 12:03am EST Said:

Buckingham U. badger since 1940. Hall of Fame too