Photo: @ESPNCFB tweet delights Spartans fans

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

Mike Carter-USA TODAY Sports

@ESPNCFB made Michigan State fans’ day Wednesday afternoon, all with one tweet. The handle tweeted a graphic that broke down Michigan State and instate rival Michigan’s success since 2008. This was the text that accompanied the tweet: “Has Michigan State passed Michigan as the top CFB program in the Great Lakes State?”

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As you can see above, the Spartans, or “Little Brother,” as former Michigan star RB Mike Hart dubbed them, has had the upper-hand the past six seasons; they’ve also gone 5-1 in the series, the lone loss coming in a 12-10 last-second defeat in 2012 at The Big House.

So, to answer @ESPNCFB’s tweet, yes, the Spartans have been the state’s best football team recently, but Michigan still is the nation’s all-time winningest program and leads the all-time series 68-33-5.

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Scott on 7/9/2014 @ 6:06pm EDT Said:

And Michigan fans have been in denial since the moment the tweet hit the Internet. But yes, I get it. 1902 was a great time to be a Michigan fan.

Scott on 7/9/2014 @ 6:16pm EDT Said:

Oh, and here’s a tip for the BTN. When you cite the all-time series between Michigan and Michigan State, it might be fair to note the game locations of the game 36 of the first 40 games were played in Ann Arbor. And of course, MSU was a small independent playing a Big Ten school. Anytime that overall records are cited without a bit of background being provided, you see an attempt to mislead people. Sort of like what happened in this article.

maryam on 7/9/2014 @ 6:17pm EDT Said:

From 1968-2008, Michigan never lost two in a row to MSU.
In that time span, Michigan 32, MSU 9.
So if you’re going to talk about 6 years when it took a TRANSISTION by hiring an outsider to give MSU the edge, go ahead and enjoy the laugh.
Bo Schembechler went 17-4 against MSU.
Gary Moeller went 4-1 against MSU.
Lloyd Carr went 10-3 against MSU.
It took a dumb decision hiring Rich Rodriguez just to give MSU hope.
Brady Hoke inherited a program that was decimated with small players not in the traditional mold and Hoke has had to rebuild the program with more physical players.
When a program went from 1987 to 2013 to reach a Rose Bowl, I would not be bragging about MSU football.
MSU has proven since the departure of Bubba Smith in 1966 that they cannot substain football success.
Look around the country and you will see all the top programs have had down periods and that includes Alabama, USC, Oklahoma, Florida State, Miami and now Michigan.
In the short term, Auburn, UCLA, Kansas State, Florida and MSU had success. But the top programs always find a way to rebound and get better.
Michigan will do the same.

Spartan on 7/9/2014 @ 7:51pm EDT Said:

Ha! Love the typical response from a Wolverine flunky. Keep waiting for that big “comeback” while we continue to dominate this series. We agree it’s a lot more fun on from this side.

SylvanGreen on 7/9/2014 @ 8:15pm EDT Said:

At least um has won some recruiting battles and the October Heisman races.

Doug on 7/9/2014 @ 8:22pm EDT Said:

maryam, keep living in he past. Every year we hear michigan is back, and every year, MSU with it’s 2 and 3 star recruits beats Michigan’s 4 and 5 stars. MSU has superior coaching, heck Hoke did better with Rich Rod’s players than he has with his own. Look for more of the same this year and beyond, but at least you still have history, because right now, MSU is the best team in the Great Lakes State.

scott on 7/10/2014 @ 7:36am EDT Said:

totally agree with the statement about rich rod as far as it goes with msu winning because of that thats were msu began to win with this streak if carr would have been there this streak would not be going on as the gentalmen said all the past coaches have had huge success against msu. rich rod cost us period. msu fans love this but there time is coming???

Living_Here_Not_in_the_Past on 7/10/2014 @ 9:11am EDT Said:

I love the historical argument. I don’t give a rat’s fanny about what ANY team did in 1972. I want to know how they did last year and how they are going to do next year. Kind of like a 93 year old woman waxing about how many gentleman callers she had and how filled her dance card was ‘back in the day.’ Geesh.

Scott on 7/10/2014 @ 9:30am EDT Said:

Maryam watches The History Channel each night. Y’know, the University of Chicago used to win football games, too. Their nineteen aught four successes are just as relevant as Michigan’s past in today’s college football world — not very. on 7/10/2014 @ 12:25pm EDT Said:

So Michigan may lead the series overall but that is easy to do when only 34 of the 106 meetings were in East Lansing. Since 1950, when games actually started switching, the series stands at 35–27–2 in favor of UM. So in reality no one dominates this series. And UofM Fans need to move on, yeah you won a lot but in the past but the last decade the tides have changed and you see things from a different perspective so just deal with it.

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 5:19pm EDT Said:

History has proven and the facts are there that the only way MSU can gain an advantage on Michigan is for Michigan to have self inflicted wounds.
In the late 1990s MSU was FINALLY able to compete with Michigan in basketball due to the Ed Martin scandal and Michigan’s brass totally ignoring basketball for years.
NOW we’re seeing what happens when Michigan pays attention.
The same thing happened in football when the brass made a poor hire in 2007 and hired the West Virginia coach and that allowed MSU their FIRST success against Michigan since the MID 1960s.
MSU is the BIGGER of the two schools yet Michigan owns the series in FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY, BASEBALL, SOFTBALL, SWIMMING and every sport other than women basketball.
This is why MICHIGAN is the nationally known brand and MSU is relegated to LIL BROTHER status.
This is why schools are thrilled to beat Michigan and don’t get excited about MSU.
Ask Sparty how it feels to travel and they get called MICHIGAN.
Since 1989, MICHIGAN has won 12 national titles (football, basketball, hockey (2), softball, mens swimming and diving (3), mens gymnastics (3) and field hockey) and MSU hasn’t come close despite being the LARGER school.
Dream on Sparties and enjoy your recent success because everyone knows MSU has NEVER handled success well.

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 5:26pm EDT Said:

Facts that MSU wishes they had.
BASKETBALL-in the 1960s, 1970s, 1980s and 1990s, the ONLY four schools nationally to play for NCAA titles were UCLA, DUKE, NORTH CAROLINA and MICHIGAN.
In the last 6 decades (1960s, 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s and 2010s, DUKE is the only school to play for a national title every decade.
Only THREE other schools have played for national titles in 5 of those 6 decades-UCLA, North CAROLINA and MICHIGAN.
The ONLY D1 school to win national titles in FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL and HOCKEY is MICHIGAN.
The most national titles in mens swimmming and diving (19) and hockey (9) nationally is MICHIGAN?
Where is MSU?
The 4th winningest baseball program is MICHIGAN.
So MSU fans, please talk when your school actually does something noteworthy in sports Michigan hasn’t done.
I laugh when Izzo feels threatened by Michigan.

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 5:31pm EDT Said:

Scott, before you try being a smart a.., learn the difference between were and where, there and their.
The English language is not hard to figure out.

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 5:56pm EDT Said:

Idioitc MSU fans like to use the jealous statement how Michigan was relevant in 1902 so a history lesson is needed for the Little Stepchilds in East Lansing to refute that myth.
1930s-mens swimming and diving DYNASTY garnered several national titles while the football team won two in 1932 and 1933 while producing a future US president.
1940s-football national titles in 1947 and 1948, along with that continued mens swimming and diving DYNASTY garnered more national titles while the hockey team won a national title in 1948.
Oh, Michigan’s FIRST Heisman winner was that decade (some MSU is still waiting on).
1950s-Hockey national titles in 1951, 1952, 1953, 1955 and 1956 while winning the baseball national title in 1953. The mens swimming DYNASTY continued throughout the decade.
1960s-baseball national title in 1962, hockey national title in 1964, football national title in 1964 (unclaimed) and NCAA basketball runnerup in 1965 while having the NCAA basketball POY and NBA No.1 overall pick.
Has MSU ever competed for national titles in football, basketball, baseball and hockey in the same decade?
1970s-football national title in 1973 (unclaimed), NCAA basketball runnerup in 1976.
Winningest football program of that decade?
Has MSU ever done that?
1980s-NIT and NCAA basketball titles in 1984 and 1989 (MSU always does terrible in the NIT). Football national title in 1985 (unclaimed).
1990s-Hockey national titles in 1996 and 1998. Football national title in 1997, mens swimming and diving national title in 1995, TWO Heisman winners (still waiting on MSU), two NCAA basketball runnerups, and a NIT basketball title while having ANOTHER No.1 overall NBA pick.
2000s-2001 national title in field hockey, 2005 national title in softball (ONLY Big 10 team to win one), NIT basketball title in 2004, 4 BCS bowl games (none for MSU).
2010s-national titles in mens swimming and diving in 2013, mens gymnastics in 2010, 2013 and 2014 and NCAA basketball runnerup in 2013.
EVERY DECADE several Michigan teams were either winning or competing for national titles, THEREFORE enhancing the nationally known Michigan brand.
Okay MSU, tell us about Duffy and Biggie in the Jim Crow Days about MSU greatness.

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 6:32pm EDT Said:

In the state of Michigan, MSU is the LARGER of the two Big 10 schools, yet they have a INFERIORITY COMPLEX when they have to deal with Michigan head-to head.
MICHIGAN, the ONLY Division 1 school with national titles in FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, BASEBALL and HOCKEY (MSU has never won anything in baseball) and the ONLY Division 1 school with a softball national title (sorry MSU), owns their MSU counterparts in each sport head-to head.
This is why Michigan gear is sold in malls all across the country and why MSU CONSTANTLY gets called MICHIGAN.
No one knows MSU nationally (lol)!!!!!!!
So now folks understand why MSU shutters when they hear HAIL TO THE VICTORS because they’ve had to endure those buttwhippings for generations but they will say Michigan lives in 1902.
Too damn funny!

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 6:38pm EDT Said:

SylvanGreen-at least Michigan has actually won and held some Heismans. Heismans and MSU go together like Martians winning the Super Bowl.
I’m still laughing at that 13-1 SUPER TEAM MSU had last year that rendered one late first round pick. Typical of the MSU brand.

maryam on 7/10/2014 @ 6:41pm EDT Said:

Scott, Michigan FOOTBALL national titles (16), 11 claimed, 5 unclaimed.
1901, 1902, 1903, 1904, 1918, 1922, 1923, 1926 (unclaimed), 1932, 1933, 1947, 1948, 1964 (unclaimed), 1973 (unclaimed), 1985 (unclaimed) and 1997.
So I see NATIONAL TITLES extending throughout 97 years in 9 different decades-something MSU knows nothing about.

Josh on 7/11/2014 @ 8:43am EDT Said:

maryam needs a hobby…

MSU#1-Rose Bowl Win, B1G Champs! 13-1! 42 wins in 4 years! on 7/11/2014 @ 10:54am EDT Said:

Mary is a little weasel fan obsessed with MSU! lol Oregon vs MSU, all eyes will be on week 2 when the #1 defense goes up against the #1 offense. Yes, that just happened! Keep living in the past and then watch MSU win the B1G championship again and move onto the first 4-team playoff. Go Green!🙂

Doug on 7/11/2014 @ 11:32am EDT Said:

maryam, you may want to seek help for obsessive compulsive disorder. right now, MSU is better than Michigan in football even though Michigan will always out recruit MSU Right now, MSU and Michigan are even in basketball. Michigan fans didn’t even care about basketball till about 3 years ago when they became relevant again. MSU fans always cared about football even though we stunk the last 40 years. Bandwagon at it’s finest, and that’s why you will always be walmart wolverines.

Jmac on 7/11/2014 @ 12:34pm EDT Said:

I am not sure how it is relevant to pick a random window of time to make an argument for or against your school.

There are two interesting all time statistics to compare; all time record and record since MSU was admitted to the Big Ten. UM looks great in terms of all-time record, of course few of the pre-1950’s games were played in East Lansing. The record since MSU joined the Big Ten is telling (33-27-2), and it explains why Michigan feared the Spartans joining the Big Ten so many years ago.

maryam on 7/12/2014 @ 5:45pm EDT Said:

MSU fans keep using that BS excuse about when you jopined the Big 10.
You have LOSING RECORDS against Michigan in everything other than wommen basketball.
Don’t make me laugh with MSU is better in football due to Michigan transistioning TWICE from Carr to Rich Rod changing the culture and roster and Hoke trying to get that back.
Like I stated with facts, MSU’s best bet to compete with Michigan is when Michigan shoots themselves.
EXAMPLE, MSU in basketball, the sport they claim they are better at (facts will show otherwise) went to two straight Final Fours in 2009 and 2010 and the highly recruited star players they had, NONE of the four stars (all played four years) were drafted by NBA teams or made NBA rosters.
Raymar Morgan, Kalin Lucas (former Big 10 POY and please don’t use the injury excuse AGAIN), Durrell Summers and Goren Suton never improved under that great coaching staff you claim you have.
By contrast, Michigan took FIVE underclassmen that started in the 2013 NCAA title game and each one not only were drafted into the NBA, FOUR were first rounders and TWO were lottery picks.
Of those five players, NONE played four years in college.
That there shows the difference between MSU and Michigan-MSU talks the talk and Michigan walks the walk.
Keith Appling and Derrick Nix, TWO former Mr. Michigan winners played four years and never got better in college and the NBA passed both guys by.
Draymond Green was a four year player, a first team All American and the Big 10 POY and he couldn’t even get drafted in the first round.
Two MSU Big 10 POY winners recently and one not drafted and the other couldn’t make the first round.
Compare that with TWO Michigan sophomores who not only were All Americans, Big 10 POY winners but NBA LOTTERY picks.
Typical of MSU overrated players under Izzo.

maryam on 7/12/2014 @ 5:52pm EDT Said:

MSU and Michigan title runs the last 60 years.
MSU-football, 6 national titles (5 shared) in 1950s and 1960s.
Hockey, 3 national titlles in modern times and 2 national titles in basketball in 1979 (next 7 years saw mediocre MSU play) and 2000.
Played for basketball titles in 2009.
11 national titles in major sports in that span.
MICHIGAN-football national titles in 1964, 1973, 1985 and 1997-three which Michigan was voted by unclaimed. Basketball, NCAA champs in 1989 and NCAA runnerups in 1965, 1976, 1992, 1993 and 2013.
Hockey, 9 national titles, 8 since the 1950s to 1990s.
Softball, 2005 national champs.
Baseball, 2 since the 1950s.
Nation’s top mens swimming and diving and mens gymnastics teams.
Like I said before, the MSU brand nationally is so unknown that MSU gets called Michigan outside of the state.
Michigan’s 12 national titles alone in seven sports since 1989 is more than MSU in the last 60 years.

motownwalt on 7/13/2014 @ 11:15pm EDT Said:

Wolverines are so cute when they feel threatened. I almost feel sorry for them … but i don’t. It’s too funny watching them try to rationalize away the fact that their football program is in total shambles and getting worse every season, while MSU is contending for National Championships. #GoGreen

By, the way, only two schools in the entire country have won multiple national championships in both football and basketball. They are: MSU and Florida.

Doug on 7/14/2014 @ 2:42am EDT Said:

Maryam, you seriously need a hobby. Hoke had his best year with Rich Rod’s players, when are you Michigan fans going to find a new excuse other than Hoke still has Rich Rod’s players? Keep living in the past, the present and future you will be MSU green with envy….How many final fours does Izzo have and he also has a national title, let me know when bee-line catches up and who cares if people get drafted or not? they are solid college players, who cares about the nba?