Athlon Sports posts preseason bowl projections

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Brad Barr-USA TODAY Sports

Yes, it’s early July. Yes, it’s crazy to entertain possible 2014-15 bowl destinations. But, man, it’s fun to consider these lists. Athlon Sports recently released its preseason bowl projections, and nine Big Ten teams made the cut. The headliner: Ohio State, in the Rose Bowl, part of the inaugural College Football Playoff.

Big Ten newcomer Maryland is on the list, too, as is Iowa, Michigan, Michigan State, Minnesota, Nebraska, Northwestern and Wisconsin.

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See all of Athlon’s B1G predictions here:

Heart of Dallas: Maryland vs. UTSA
Pinstripe: Nebraska vs. North Carolina
Holiday: Michigan vs. Southern Cal
Detroit: Northwestern vs. Syracuse
San Francisco: Minnesota vs. Arizona State
Music City: Iowa vs. Missouri
Capital One: Michigan State vs. Ole Miss
Outback: Wisconsin vs. Florida
Rose (College Football Playoff): Ohio State vs. Alabama

This is a solid list, although I wouldn’t be surprised if the conference gets eight bowl teams and if Indiana is one of them. Also, I have a feeling Nebraska will be going somewhere better than the Pinstripe Bowl. But, again, it’s EARLY.

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Scott on 7/8/2014 @ 3:57pm EDT Said:

Cap One bowl for an MSU squad that figures to be better than last year’s team? They’re crazy. When Michigan State beats Ohio State and Nebraska (the Michigan game is a gimme) in East Lansing this year, will these writers finally wise up?

Billj on 7/8/2014 @ 5:48pm EDT Said:

Not sure MSU is better than last year but OSU is! No way MSU wins this game.

Doug on 7/8/2014 @ 7:56pm EDT Said:

Sure Billj you guys were saying the same thing last year ! Why do you think OSU is better ? MSU’s D might drop a little but their offense is going to continue to roll….

Scott, it’s typical, when MSU runs the table again all these doubters will be all over MSU again

Josh on 7/8/2014 @ 9:19pm EDT Said:

MSU won’t sneak up on anyone with their offense this season, that’s for sure. The defense loses a lot too. I don’t think they can beat OSU but the Nebraska game should be entertaining.

Gavin on 7/8/2014 @ 10:11pm EDT Said:

Will take UNC! Maryland wants to play ACC teams in every sport and all events as possible…;)

Tim on 7/8/2014 @ 11:29pm EDT Said:

Expectations in IC are high so as usual my beloved Hawkeyes will slide. They should at worst finish 10-2 and that puts them in the Music City bowl, really???

Kevin Rubin on 7/9/2014 @ 1:41pm EDT Said:

MSU’s defense is actually looking to be BETTER than last yea and the Offense is ABSOLUTELY going to be better. No way does MSU lose to OS. MSU by more than 10 this year.

Matt Mcneill on 7/9/2014 @ 2:32pm EDT Said:

MSU beat Nebraska. that’s a laugh. Cook had the lowest QBR of all Nebraska’s opponents. Nebraska can just show up and win 9-10 games this season. Pinstripe bowl…. As for IA and 10-2, it possible but 10-2 can likely find IA 3rd in the division.

Gary on 7/9/2014 @ 2:58pm EDT Said:

LOL, the pundits are sleeping on Nebraska this year. Hilarious.

Mary Brennan on 7/9/2014 @ 3:04pm EDT Said:

Nebraska in the Pinstripe Bowl?? What are you idiots smoking?? See Nebraska beat MSU and Wisconsin in regular schedule, beat OSU in Big Title game and head to Rose Bowl. its our year, GBR!!

Greg on 7/9/2014 @ 4:00pm EDT Said:

Michigan state is once again going to dominate the big ten and make their second straight rose bowl appearance ( college football playoff)

B1Gfan MI on 7/9/2014 @ 4:26pm EDT Said:

Aggies 6 and 6 and hoping for a better ’15

kyle on 7/9/2014 @ 4:31pm EDT Said:

Keep in mind people. OSU could possibly have the best front 7 in the nation. As many sacks as this young group piled up last year, they only have room to grow with experience. Cook will be feeling the pressure and Langford won’t be able to run much on OSU.

OSU if it gets pressure can slow down Connor Cook plus there is no way the secondary can be worse than last year.

OSU will definitely shut down the run, check out how many yards Melvin Gordon and the might Wiscy run game has against them

Pete on 7/9/2014 @ 4:44pm EDT Said:

MSU will not beat Ohio State this year. that’s a guarantee. they got lucky, do to bad coaching and the BIG TEN suspending one of OSU’s best DL. a week ago, the NCAA reinstated him and said that he shouldn’t have been suspended in the first place, bc he had gotten in touch with the proper NCAA officials, and they told him that he couldn’t be punished for taking the cough syrup. the BIG TEN needed another team, besides OSU to have in a BCS Bowl game last year. they (the BIG TEN) has realized that OSU has been so dominant since 2002, they had to give MSU the advantage. which they did.

eyemsayin on 7/9/2014 @ 6:23pm EDT Said:

No B1G team has played a game yet. Bowl predictions at this time of the year are just fluff writings. Just junk to get everyone riled up. I read the article. I read the comments. At this point, I don’t care. That’s MY comment.

RealisticWolverine on 7/9/2014 @ 7:26pm EDT Said:

As a Michigan fan, let me be the first to say that the name “Little Brother” is complete nonsense. The legacies of the early and mid-1900s mean next to nothing to me as a current student. The program is in shambles. With that being said, there is no reason MSU shouldn’t be heading to a national championship after winning the Big Ten. MSU will win the head-to-head matchup because, as they consistently demonstrate, OSU is incapable of beating a team that they don’t drastically outclass in talent.

G Hale on 7/9/2014 @ 10:32pm EDT Said:

Jim Tressell alone won 7 Big Championships. Michigan St wins one and they are a dynasty. Not sure it works that way and until you come into the game Vs Ohio State, I would worry about some of the other teams on your sched. Realistic Wolverine everything you said is very unrealistic. try again,

Big Ten Fan on 7/10/2014 @ 2:35pm EDT Said:

Rose Bowl – Michigan State
Orange Bowl – Penn State
Capital One Bowl – Iowa
Outback Bowl – Wisconsin
Holiday Bowl – Ohio State
Music City Bowl – Nebraska
San Francisco Bowl – Maryland
Pinstripe Bowl – Northwestern
Heart of Dallas – Minnesota
Detroit – Indiana

Home for the Holidays – Michigan, Purdue, Illinois, Rutgers

Marshal Law on 7/22/2014 @ 9:54pm EDT Said:

Indiana is going bowling for sure. Mark it down, boys. Also, there’s no way Iowa only loses 2 games. I had a good chuckle at that one. they’ll be better, certainly. But not by that big of a margin.

RDO on 7/23/2014 @ 12:01pm EDT Said:

BTF . . . PSU is not bowl-eligible . . . and you really think UM is not going to notch 6 wins? . . . Really?