Photo: Michigan vanity plate reads 'URBNMYR'

We’ve seen an Ohio State fan go out of his/her way to prove he/she isn’t a Michigan fan. And, now we’ve seen an Ohio State fan boldly go out of his/her way to prove he/she is a Buckeye fan – in the state of Michigan, no less. Check out the picture of a Michigan vanity plate that reads “URBNMYR” in this post.

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As stated above, this is a bold move. No one would be surprised if this driver, at the very least, draws some dirty looks on Michigan highways. Then again, the driver probably gets plenty of thumbs up and friendly honks any time the car ventures into Ohio.

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Madonna Marks on 6/26/2014 @ 7:08pm EDT Said:

My plates say BLRS ILL and they are housed in a House Divided (Purdue/Illinois) frame. My girls love their alma maters so I had to give each equal time.