Fran McCaffery says son Patrick, 14, is doing 'very well'

Here’s news every Big Ten fan can enjoy: Fran McCaffery recently said his son, Patrick, 14, who had surgery March 19 to remove a thyroid tumor that turned out to be malignant, had a second scan that showed no further cancer.

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“Last Friday was one of the best days of my life,” McCaffery said, in reference to learning Patrick’s second scan was clear, in the video above (go to the 40-second mark).

McCaffery, who spoke at the Dick Vitale Golf and Gala at the Riverside Golf and Country Club in Riverside, Iowa, also said Patrick’s diagnosis hasn’t kept him off the court; he’s currently attending the Iowa basketball camp and will play for the Iowa Barnstormers this summer.

Read Randy Peterson’s update on Patrick.

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John on 6/24/2014 @ 11:10pm EDT Said:

Great news!!

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