Ohio Stadium ranked No. 1 B1G venue in Athlon Sports poll

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Athlon Sports is doing a series of college football stadium rankings, and it was time to consider the Big Ten homes Friday. Ohio Stadium took the top spot, garnering nine of 12 first-place votes, while Memorial Stadium (Nebraska) came in second. The voters included 10 Big Ten personalities, including BTN’s Gerry DiNardo, Tom Dienhart and Brent Yarina, and a pair of Athlon experts. See the full results in this post.

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FINAL POLL (highest vote; lowest vote)
1. Ohio Stadium – 1; 2
2. Memorial Stadium (Nebraska) – 1; 5
3. Camp Randall Stadium – 1; 7
4. Beaver Stadium – 1; 5
5. Michigan Stadium – 3; 7
6. Kinnick Stadium – 3; 7
7. Spartan Stadium – 5; 12
8. TCF Bank Stadium – 6; 12
9. Memorial Stadium (Illinois) – 8; 13
10. Byrd Stadium – 9; 14
11. Ryan Field – 9; 14
12. High Point Solutions Stadium – 9; 14
13. Memorial Stadium (Indiana) – 9; 14
14. Ross-Ade Stadium – 8; 14

Here’s the criteria voters were asked to consider:

General atmosphere, fan support, homefield advantage, amenities, tailgating and campus.

Interesting results

  • Four stadiums received at least one first-place vote: Ohio Stadium (9); Nebraska’s Memorial Stadium (1); Camp Randall Stadium (1); Beaver Stadium (1).
  • Five stadiums earned at least one last-place vote: Ross-Ade Stadium (5); Ryan Field (3);¬†Indiana’s Memorial Stadium (2); High Point Solution Stadium (1); Byrd Stadium (1)
  • Ohio Stadium didn’t receive anything worse than a second-place vote.
  • Spartan Stadium received a fifth-place and 12th-place vote, the largest difference among all stadiums.


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Boilers on 6/20/2014 @ 1:07pm EDT Said:

I’m not saying Ross-Ade is amazing but how do they have 8 and 14 yet are ranked 14th when 10-13 have a 9 and a 14?

gengberg on 6/20/2014 @ 1:38pm EDT Said:

How can you beat Camp Randell if you’ve ever been there!

Doug on 6/20/2014 @ 1:52pm EDT Said:

How can you beat Michigan Stadium if you’ve never been there for UTL 1 and UTL 2??

akble on 6/20/2014 @ 2:12pm EDT Said:

was not impressed with Memorial stadium in Lincoln – the visitors end zone seats had terrible view, were in the next county and RR facilities were from the 1950’s. In stadium refreshments were impossible to get to after 5 minute walk from seats.
Minnesota’s new stadium while small was easily accessible- not a bad seat in it, great scoreboard and very easy to use refreshments and rest rooms – only down side was parking .

Chaz on 6/20/2014 @ 2:48pm EDT Said:

I have been to every Big Ten stadium with the exception of Minnesota and Nebraska and would have to agree. OSU has an amazing football atmosphere.

Jim Davidson on 6/20/2014 @ 8:24pm EDT Said:

I agree with your assessment of Ohio Stadium as the best in the Big Ten. I’ve been to them all, including Rutgers and Maryland. Unfortunately, the photo you are using to illustrate your #1 choice was not taken in a Big Ten stadium at all. It was taken at OSU’s 2013 Spring Game at Paul Brown Stadium in Cincinnati.

Mitch Green on 6/21/2014 @ 11:09pm EDT Said:


Steve on 6/24/2014 @ 2:02am EDT Said:

Jerry D is not very smart and when he is on I refuse to watch BTN. The man has no clue on most items he is talking about. Most of what he says turns out to be wrong.

Richard Barnes on 6/24/2014 @ 3:53am EDT Said:

akble, NU’s RR’s were redone last year as part of the new upgrades. This year they are putting in the new sound system and cell phone upgrades. As far as sitting in the end zone is concerned, the visitor section has been down around the 5 or 10 yard line and the students used to be in the end zone. I’m not sure where you bought your ticket but it doesn’t sound like the usual visitor ticket. As far as concessions,,, hey I don’t know, I go to the game to watch. If I want to eat, I go to the tail gate parties or grab something on the way in, not at half time. Half time in a 90K stadium is NEVER going to be easy to get around in. I don’t know, maybe your the sit at home and watch the game on the B1G – type of guy. For me, if it’s -3 degree’s and I’m sitting in the end zone I’m doing great, but that’s just me.

paul hackett on 7/7/2014 @ 3:32pm EDT Said:

I’ve been to 6 (OSU, Purdue, Indiana, Illinois, NW, Camp Randall) Big Ten Football stadiums.
All we great number ones for the home team, regardless of how the home team performed.
Big Ten football is always Number 1.

Paul on 7/8/2014 @ 7:18pm EDT Said:

I was not impressed with Michigan’s stadium. However, that tailgate is amazing!