lists 1995 Huskers as greatest of all time

Ohio State coach Urban Meyer made news this past weekend when he told a group of youth football campers over the weekend that his 2008 Florida team was the greatest team in college football history. The debate is one for the ages, as there are plenty of acceptable answers to that question. recently released a top-five list, in which it has the 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers as the greatest college football team of all time.

Here is a look at’s rankings.

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*1. 1995 Nebraska Cornhuskers

2. 1972 USC Trojans

3. 2001 Miami Hurricanes

4. 1961 Alabama Crimson Tide

5. 1999 Florida State Seminoles’s Chase Goodbread on the 1995 Huskers: “In this context, why not start with the team best remembered for shredding Florida to win it all? Tommie Frazier’s dismantling of the Gators’ defense couldn’t have been more thorough in a 62-24 thrashing of UF in the Fiesta Bowl for the national title. The Cornhuskers went 12-0 and weren’t held to less than 35 points the entire season, destroying every opponent on the schedule with an unbeatable triple-option offense.”

Three other Big Ten teams to consider:

1997 Michigan Wolverines: Led by Heisman Trophy winner Charles Woodson, the 1997 Wolverines will be remembered for featuring one of the greatest defenses in college football history. This team held opponents to an average of just 9.5 points per game en route to a national title.

1968 Ohio State Buckeyes: Woody Hayes’ 1968 OSU team defeated rival Michigan 50-14, and then went on to top USC in the Rose Bowl en route to an unbeaten season and a national title win.

1994 Penn State Nittany Lions: Considered one of the greatest teams in college football history to not win a championship, Penn State posted a perfect 12-0 record, including a win over Oregon in the Rose Bowl. The Nittany Lions finished No. 2 in the nation behind Nebraska.

Other Nebraska teams:

*1994 Nebraska Cornhuskers: Just like in 1995, Frazier quarterbacked this team to a perfect season and a consensus national championship. Tom Osborne’s triple-option offense was near impossible to stop as the Huskers outscored their opponents by a mark of 459-162.

*1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers: This group posted a perfect 13-0 record, including a 38-6 walloping of Alabama in the Orange Bowl. The Huskers featured a dominant defensive unit, holding opponents to just 8.2 points per game.

* Nebraska did not play in the Big Ten during this period of time.



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Revival Begins on 6/16/2014 @ 8:21pm EDT Said:

Miami FL in 2001, and also 2002 considering they were champs that year too. the game had an artificial extension by a blasphemously cruel and fake PI flag

huskerfanbb on 6/16/2014 @ 8:25pm EDT Said:

No, there is only one acceptable answer to that question, and they got it right. After that, there may be some room for debate. The 2001 Miami team was loaded.

The 2008 Gators???? Don’t be absurd, Urban. They LOST a game which automatically disqualifies them from the discussion–and they lost (at home, no less) to a 4 loss Mississippi team, not some juggernaut.

ron rangel on 6/16/2014 @ 8:36pm EDT Said:

neb beat alabama 38-6 not miami of fla.

Robin on 6/16/2014 @ 9:06pm EDT Said:

Correction on the 1971 Cornhuskers. They defeated #2 Alabama in the 1972 Orange Bowl 38-6. That team also defeated (in the final poll) #2 Oklahoma & #3 Colorado.

Dave Cisar (@davecisar) on 6/16/2014 @ 9:08pm EDT Said:

Nebraska beat bear bryants #2 bama team 38-6 in the 71 Orange Bowl

NU was on the Florida 2 as time ran out- Osborne had the third team QB kneel
It could have easily been 76-17 game had he not called off the dogs

nathan on 6/16/2014 @ 9:09pm EDT Said:

Seems legit.

Geoff Chiles on 6/16/2014 @ 9:15pm EDT Said:

Fielding Yost’s Point-A-Minute teams from 1901-1905 have something to say about that. In particular, the 1901 team was unbeaten, untied, and un-scored-upon!

Big Ten Fan on 6/16/2014 @ 9:21pm EDT Said:

The 95 Huskers were the best team I have ever seen. Period. End of discussion. I wasn’t around to see the 72 Trojans or the 61 Tide but the 01 Hurricanes and 99 Noles don’t belong. As for Big Ten teams, 97 Michigan was a joke. The 97 Huskers would have hung half a hundred on them. The 94 Lions remain the best Big Ten team I have ever seen. The 05 Penn State and Ohio State teams are right behind followed by 02 Ohio State and 08 Penn State.

A real top five of the last 25 years (how long I have been really watching college football)

1. 95 Nebraska
2. 94 Penn State
3. 88 Notre Dame
4. 87 Miami
5. 00 Oklahoma

Chris on 6/16/2014 @ 10:01pm EDT Said:

Hawkeye fan here and the only two teams in this conversation should be the 95 Huskers and the 01 Hurricanes. I would have to give the edge to Nebraska though. Even though it pains me to say that since I am a Hawkeye fan.

Big Ten Fan on 6/16/2014 @ 10:50pm EDT Said:

The real 2008 national championship game was played in the Rose Bowl matching the top two teams, USC and Penn State, USC won. The third and fourth best teams, Texas and Ohio State played in the Fiesta Bowl. Florida, the fifth (maybe sixth) best team played the seventh best. That Florida team isn’t even in discussion for the top ten of the last decade much less all time.

Brandon on 6/16/2014 @ 10:54pm EDT Said:

Why would you consider 97 Michigan and not 97 Nebraska when Nebraska was clearly the better team that year??

Michael Curran on 6/17/2014 @ 12:10am EDT Said:

Much as I hate the Michigan Wolverines — and you have to compare Eras to themselves not across massive amounts of time — the 1901 wolverines were 11-0 , averaged 50 points a game, and were un-scored on — and they won the 1901 Rose Bowl (the first time it was held) so convincingly that they actually cancelled it for 3 years and went back to Chariot Racing until 1905 — better than the 1995 Cornhuskers?? Probably not — but top 5 of all time based on against their time frame and rules — yea, absolutely.

Brian Moore on 6/17/2014 @ 12:42am EDT Said:

1997 Michigan wasn’t even the best team that year. Why are we talking about them?

bob jones on 6/17/2014 @ 9:34am EDT Said:

The 1971 Nebraska team beat the teams that finished 2nd, 3rd, and 4th in the final poll, Oklahoma, Colorado and Alabama, destroying Colorado and Alabama and beating Oklahoma on their home field in what is still considered the greatest game of all time. Don’t know of any other National Champion that beat the next 3 teams ranked immediately behind them. They made it look easy.

Brent Yarina, Senior Editor on 6/17/2014 @ 9:44am EDT Said:

In the original version of this post, the 1971 Nebraska team’s Orange Bowl opponent was incorrect. The Huskers beat Alabama. The error has been fixed.

T.A.Brooks on 6/17/2014 @ 11:30am EDT Said:

Brian Moore stop talking that trash…. If it wasn’t for a kicked pass to go into overtime at Missouri and a escaped win at Colorado…. Not to mention Akron and Central Florida on their schedule… Nebraska shouldn’t have even been up for consideration for a national championship…. and before you say anything stupid… they had two common opponents… Michigan only allowed 3pts vs Colorado and scored 27….. They also beat Baylor by 35 pts…. So a shared national championship should have never happened… BTN should ban you from ever posting again for lack or football IQ.

John D on 6/17/2014 @ 12:43pm EDT Said:

To be clear Nebraska didn’t run a triple option offense in the 90s. There may have been fakes to the fullback, but all running plays to the fullback were called plays, not because the qb was reading the linebacker as to whether to handoff to the fullback. Nebraska was more multiple in their offense than a true triple option scheme.

John B on 6/17/2014 @ 9:16pm EDT Said:

Until the 1990’s the 1971 Nebraska Cornhuskers were thought of as the greatest college football team of all-time. In the early 1990’s the NCAA headquarters in Kansas City, KS had a display about the 1971 Cornhuskers, the only one for a individual team.

T-bone Maximus on 6/18/2014 @ 11:48am EDT Said:

John D, I’m glad somebody brought that up.
Everybody thinks NU ran the “triple option” in the 90s. No, the triple option is a full house backfield with fullback, QB or tailback taking the ball. NU’s version was a “Power I” which allowed for dives or a spread out QB, IBack option with blocking WRs. Different formations, different plays, different offense. Also as John D said. NU would throw from the Power I quite a lot. Many triple option teams pass very very little.

Who’s the best team of all time? ’95 OR ’71 Huskers.

Doug C on 6/18/2014 @ 9:28pm EDT Said:

To Big Ten Fan;
How can you include 94 Penn when Nebraska won the 1st of their 3 championships of the 90’s in 94?

Seattle on 6/26/2014 @ 4:56pm EDT Said:

Why Is ’97 Michigan even listed?

Paul Brunswick on 7/22/2014 @ 8:44pm EDT Said:

How can the 68 Ohio State team not be included in the top five. The 68 Bucks handily beat O.J. Simpson and his undefeated Southern Cal Trojans. Each team put more than a dozen players in the NFL for long careers.