Indiana tops Nebraska for Big Ten tourney title

Top-seeded Indiana defeated second-seeded Nebraska, 8-4, in Sunday’s Big Ten baseball championship game in front of an announced crowd of 19,965 at TD Ameritrade Park in Omaha, NE. The victory marked the Hoosiers’ second consecutive conference championship and fourth in school history (1996, 2009, 2013, 2014).

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Wednesday, May 21
Game 1: No. 6 Michigan State 2, No. 3 Illinois 1 NA RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 2: No. 2 Nebraska 7, No. 7 Ohio State 6 NA RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 3: No. 1 Indiana 5, No. 8 Iowa 2 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 4: No. 5 Michigan 3, No. 4 Minnesota 2 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Thursday, May 22
Game 5: No. 3 Illinois 6, No. 7 Ohio State 5 NA RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 6: No. 8 Iowa 2, No. 4 Minnesota 1 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 7: No. 2 Nebraska 3, No. 6 Michigan State 2 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 8: No. 1 Indiana 5, No. 5 Michigan 0 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Friday, May 23
Game 9: No. 6 Michigan State 11, Illinois 2 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 10: No. 5 Michigan 7, No. 8 Iowa 1 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Saturday, May 24
Game 11: No. 2 Nebraska 6, No. 5 Michigan 1 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Game 12: No. 1 Indiana 7, No. 6 Michigan State 4 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO
Sunday, May 25
Championship Game: No. 1 Indiana 8, No. 2 Nebraska 4 BTN/BTN2Go RECAP | BOX | VIDEO

Indiana 8, Nebraska 4

Dustin DeMuth gets Indiana on the board early with a 2-run double:

Kyle Schwarber launches a solo home run for Indiana:



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john ferry on 5/25/2014 @ 10:26pm EDT Said:

Yeah, Sunday in Omaha was a remarkable day, a real showcase for baseball! The Big Ten should be able to compete nationwide and year-to-year, but the NCAA calendar for baseball is now ridiculous. Games as soon as February 14? This is nuts! Half the country cannot play home games then due to weather. It didn’t used to be like that. Check school schedules going back to the 1970’s or earlier. Right now I say the competitive balance of the game is messed up. Teams in the South and the West would have trouble if they played so few games at home. I have asked coaches about that. So how many games did Big Ten teams play at home this season? Ohio State 31, Nebraska 27, Michigan 22, Indiana 21, Illinois and Iowa 20, Michigan State and Penn State 17, and Northwestern, Purdue and Minnesota 16. The earliest Big Ten home game was Indiana on March 5, then Nebraska on March 7. What can we do? No games anywhere in the country until March 20, and end the College World Series on July 2 or 3…OR, and this is better, up to 15 games in the FIRST SEMESTER, hopefully on football weekends. Softball does some of that. Baseball needs to. Teams do practice for several weeks then. How many sports carry over from first semester to second semester? Golf, tennis, swimming, wrestling, and of course basketball…..P.S.- Check the Atlantic Coast Conference, which now has teams from Boston to South Bend to Pittsburgh to Miami. There are big games up north in that conference.

dukeinsurance on 5/26/2014 @ 12:39am EDT Said:

Thanks for posting. Indiana heads into the NCAA Tournament winners of 15 of its last 16 games and 30 of its last 33. Keep it up.