Twitter: Big Ten reaction to Donald Sterling ruling

NBA commissioner Adam Silver handed down a lifetime ban and an NBA maximum $2.5 million fine to Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling in a much-anticipated press conference Tuesday afternoon. Sterling recently made racial comments that were released by TMZ. See Big Ten basketball players’ reactions to the news in this post.

Indiana alum and Dallas owner Mark Cuban also chimed in:

And some football players:


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Donald Sterling Up Sh*t Creek on 4/30/2014 @ 2:25pm EDT Said:

The ruling was the only thing they could do with the public outrage over the comments. Silver did the only thing he could do in light of the Sterling controversy.

matt on 5/1/2014 @ 6:50pm EDT Said:

I see real world comments dont make the cut here either…… losing fans BTN, losing fans…..