Twitter: Final Four 'Teamcasts' leave fans confused

Evidently, a lot of people did not get the memo that the Final Four was trying an experiment that included three telecasts of each Final Four game. There was the national crew on TBS and “Teamcasts” on TNT and truTV that were geared toward the teams’ fanbases. The confusion led to some really entertaining tweets; it even had Charles Barkley saying, “Some of you people are idiots,” at halftime. Watch Barkley.

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The confusion is understandable, really. It’s a new thing, and with the Final Four being on TBS, not CBS, there’s confusion even without these “hometown” telecasts.

Kentucky’s home crew of Rob Bromley and Rex Chapman took the idea of being a homer very seriously. And the tweets about their broadcast are too funny not to share.

Here are some of the G-rated ones:

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Rocky on 4/6/2014 @ 9:22am EDT Said:

With the NCAA tournament being played on so many channels this year and the fact that one has more than 3 channels on their TV (dating myself) I just surfed till I found on the menu NCAA Tournament and chose that channel. I did note that it had TeamCast on the top right, but sat confused on why there was no mention of UCONN at all. I didn’t see any UCONN players or Kevin Ollie till the handshake at the end of the game.Not once did any announcers explain the format, nor were there any ticklers showing the other channels to view the game. It wasn’t till the UK – Badgers game that I saw the first tickler showing the other channel options and finally one of the announcers explaining the format.The announcers prior to every other commercial break should have explained the format. Not sure what clown didn’t think of explaining things, but they should have tested the genius who thought of this for their blood alcohol content.

w.m.f. on 4/6/2014 @ 12:01pm EDT Said:

Aren't announcers supposed to be neutral? Rex Chapman can't contain himself. Keeps saying we.— Tracy Smith (@HoosierBaseball) April 6, 2014

matt on 4/6/2014 @ 12:28pm EDT Said:

ok so I didnt watch the TNT cast i wastched the tru tV cast , whic, gave kentucky its due in some areas….. I dont mind a lil homer bias for these telecasts….. but everything i heard about the TNT cast was over the top, by comparison of HOW bias they were….. not merely that they were biased.

Jon on 4/6/2014 @ 1:14pm EDT Said:

An experimate (hope it stays that way) that badllywent wrong!!

John on 4/6/2014 @ 1:38pm EDT Said:

People are just so unknowledgeable that it makes me laugh. It was advertised for 3 or 4 days that the NCAA was going to experiment with the Final Four this weekend. I think these people were just complaining to hear themselves complain. Keep up with the times, people!! Geez!!

D. Thornton on 4/7/2014 @ 10:13am EDT Said:

It would have been helpful to have had the commentators relate that this was the ——- fan- based broadcast and if viewers wanted a more unbiased view, they should switch to the other station. I knew about the 3 simulcasts, but MANY people on my fb page did not. I can see where the confusion came from. Communication is the key…oh, wait, isn’t that broadcasting’s raisin d’être?

Suzi on 4/7/2014 @ 12:27pm EDT Said:

Well, John the experiment failed miserably. People hated it. Announce the game!! Let everyone make up their own minds. Some announcers on tennis are the same way. Bias stinks!!

Dennis on 4/7/2014 @ 2:39pm EDT Said:

I will start by saying that I had no dog in this fight. My team lost in their first game. I did, however watch the Kentucky-Wisconsin game. The bias was not surprising, but irritating. It’s bad enough that the SEC practically dictates how the NCAA football champion is determined, are we going to have to put up with their arrogance in the NCAA basketball tournament as well? Go Gators!

Kathy Russ on 4/8/2014 @ 12:13am EDT Said:

I knew what was going on but I don’t get trutv so I had to listen to Kentucky’s teamcast. If this is going to be done it should be on channels everyone gets.