Video: Brutus tries to block Nicki Meyer's field goal

Urban Meyer and Ohio State hosted its Student Appreciation Practice on Saturday afternoon. As expected, the team and fans had a lot of fun. Even Brutus joined in on the good times. Check out a video and photo of the school’s popular mascot trying to block Nicki Meyer’s field goal in this post.

[ MORE: Remember this? Brutus gets leveled in practice ]

Brutus didn’t block the coach’s daughter’s kick, which, for curious minds, was on target but fell short.

Here’s a few more shots from Student Appreciation Practice:

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Carol Bethel on 4/5/2014 @ 4:17pm EDT Said:

Thank you BTN for showing the spring games live this year. I complained last year about your coverage and wanted to say thank you this year. GO Bucks! (From a huge Buckeye fan in Florid)

B1Gfan MI on 4/5/2014 @ 6:13pm EDT Said:

How about some pics showing the players vs fans tatoo contest ? We hear it is always a B1G hit . Perhaps coach meyer joining the fun .

SEHBuckeye on 4/6/2014 @ 1:47pm EDT Said:

It is only to be expected that B1Gfan MI can’t even spell “tattoo”. General Studies major, by any chance?

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