Twitter: Are Michigan, MSU fans rooting for rival?

It’s no secret Michigan and Michigan State are fierce rivals. Sometimes, however, conference pride and a chance to make rare history can supersede a rivalry. Consider this: If Michigan and Michigan State both win today, the Big Ten will be the first conference to put three teams in the Final Four since the Big East did it in 1985.

So, are Wolverine and Spartan fans willing to root for their rivals for conference pride? I asked on Twitter.

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Faygo on 3/30/2014 @ 3:31pm EDT Said:

Kills me to say it, but if MSU swins and goes to the Final Four, yes, I think I can root for UM over despicable Kentucky. Kentucky is all that is wrong in college sports. But it will still be tough, given the arrogance of UM fans. Still, I can picture Devin Gardner being sacked again if I need to, so – ack, gag, choke – Go Bl. . . OK, I can’t finish the thought, but that’s a good effort from a Spartan on the shady side of 60.

hadley smith on 3/31/2014 @ 10:20am EDT Said:

If you read this as a mich. fan it was tough goin for both of us. An all mich. final would of been intr. to see, but UConn and ken were just too strong for either tm. to win. I read that’s the first tm since Izzy has been your coach, that he hasn’t taken a senior class to a final four. That in itself is pretty amazing. Well, gd luck nxt yr and I hope we can make it 8 out of the last 11 wins against you.