Video: Nebraska's Bo Pelini helps serviceman surprise wife

These days, when he’s not tweeting (example 1, example 2), calling into a Nebraska radio show or discussing his faux cat, Nebraska football coach Bo Pelini is busy organizing military homecomings. Pelini recently helped Sergeant Matthew Salomons surprise his wife, Becca, at the team’s football facility.

Becca thought she was just getting a tour of the facility when Salomons, who spent nine months in the Middle East, comes in from another room and surprises her.

No matter how many of these you see, they never get old. Great stuff, Nebraska!

h/t: @Huskers

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huskerfanbb on 3/26/2014 @ 2:43pm EDT Said:

There are a few Pelini “haters” among Nebraska fans. They don’t like his sideline demeanor. They don’t like how he interacts with the press. They certainly didn’t like the tidbit recording of his that came out last year.

However, Pelini is a “character” guy. He does stuff like this. He has been instrumental in the “Team Jack” efforts. His players would run through a wall for him. Not very many of them get in trouble–and those that do often get severely disciplined, or even removed from the team.

Those “fans” (and I use that term VERY loosely) who hate Pelini wouldn’t be griping if he had won a couple of conference titles or been in a BCS game. Hypocrites all.

Randy Lubbering on 3/26/2014 @ 11:09pm EDT Said:

Love it!

Jeff Salomons on 3/27/2014 @ 7:49am EDT Said:

Bo Pelini took time out of his day to do this for my son Matthew Salomons returning home from overseas Bo is a great head coach I have been going to home and some away games for a long time. Let’s give him a lot of credit for what he does for husker nation. GBR

Carl Hinken on 3/28/2014 @ 7:24am EDT Said:

Pretty Cool! I love it when good things like this make me proud to be a Husker Fan!!

Don2 on 3/28/2014 @ 2:41pm EDT Said:

As a staunch member of the B1G conference and fellow Youngstowner [Bo Pelini grew up here as well], I am proud of him!…