Photo: Every B1G team has its own hot dog at tourney

You never know what you’re going to come across at the Big Ten Tournament. We have seen upset victories, buzzer-beater shots, and Big Ten style hot dogs…

Yes, that’s right. On the main concourse at Bankers Life Fieldhouse, Big Ten fans can purchase footlong hot dogs, made a certain way for all 12 Big Ten schools.

Check it out:


My personal favorite: The Wisconsin hot dog. Cheddar cheese sauce, pepper jack, provolone, Cheetos and pepper relish. How good does that sound?


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RJB on 3/14/2014 @ 6:50pm EDT Said:

you have to eat the Iowa one fast, it tends to fall apart once you get to the second half

Jeremiah Thompson on 3/16/2014 @ 2:39pm EDT Said:

seems to me that either NW or Illinois should have just had a Chicago style dog. As a U of I alum we should get it, but either way that would seem to make sense to me