BTN experts discuss early signing day idea

On Tuesday’s #BTNLive show Mike Hall, Gerry DiNardo and Stanley Jackson had a length discussion examining the positives and negatives of an early signing period in college football.

Right now, prospects can’t sign a letter of intent with any school until the first Wednesday in February, a day when football offices are busy and fans track every announcement. If an early signing period were to be established, high school players wouldn’t have to wait until February and could make their verbal commitments official at an earlier date.

Watch DiNardo, a former coach, and Jackson, a former player, discuss the ramifications of this. It’s been a hot topic of debate natioanlly. What do you think?

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B1Gfan MI on 3/12/2014 @ 12:24pm EDT Said:

A more sensible recruiting approach. Protection for player’s and families against unscrupulous recruiters. Reduction of the “orchestrated” press conference on “announcement day”. Elimination of the coach making a last second pitch prior to taking the field at the bowl game. Reducing the “hype” and marketing of the so-called high school “all star” games. All valid reasons for early signings.

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