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basketball fan on 3/8/2014 @ 9:21pm EDT Said:

Do you actually listen to your analyst???? Watching Iowa- Illinois game. Careless who wins. You should call your analyst on the slanted Iowa bias. It’s disgusting to listen to. He makes it sound like Iowa can walk on water. If I was a Illinois fan I would be very displeased with your network. Try to fine someone neutral makes for better listening of game. Click back to ESPN

Sam Roberts on 3/9/2014 @ 8:56am EDT Said:

The unfortunate truth? Analysts for the Big 10 are like referees in the Big 10, paid to do/say what the bosses tell them! I am an Indiana fan, but the call that got the Michigan coach a technical was a blown call. The refereeing in the Big 10 does not condition Big 10 teams for the tourney. 2014 will be just another year the Big 10 does not have a tourney winner!